Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Eve's Eve!

So I decided to take a little break from our regular food pics (mainly because I am eating horribly  the past three days) but also because tommorow is Christmas Eve and I am as excited as a little kid!!

I have really tried to enjoy and soak up the holidays this year. 

I have watched Christmas movies, made goodies, attended parties and there is still more to come!!

So I wanted to bring the ole Holiday cheer to the blog and give you all sort of a survey that I found here.

So without further ado!

1. Favorite Holiday Cookie: Hands down, my cousin Amanda's homemade sugar cookies with homemade icing.

2. Favorite Christmas Song: Mary did you Know and Rockin Around the Christmas tree

3. Favorite Christmas Movie: The Grinch (new and old) and Charlie Brown's Christmas

4. Favorite Tradition: Probably going to my parents house on Christmas Eve.  We open presents with them and eat a big meal!  We read the Christmas story from the book of Luke Chapter 2, which I highly encourage you to do, espically if the holidays stress you out!  Jesus is the reason for the season :) ...Oh and me and hubs always love opening presents to each other when we wake up on Christmas morning. 
Christmas always gets us pj's :)

5. Favorite Breakfast: Well, I think in the past mom would make a big breakfast, eggs bacon, cinnamon rolls, ham biscuits with leftover ham, not the same thing every year that I really remember. BUT this year I got all the fixins to make a Christmas casserolle that I hope will become a tradition with me and Jacob if it turns out good LOL.  Also some cinnamon rolls that I am pretty sure I cant screw up ha.

6. Favorite Christmas Meal: I am a turkey and dressing girl.  This year I requested that my mother make her amazing mashed potatoes.  She said yes. Winning!

7. Favorite Person to shop for: My bestie.  I just buy her everything I would want basically.

8. Favorite Way to Open Presents: Slowly, taking turns, so I can watch everyone open the ones that I got them and they can see me open mine.  Usually me and jacob take turns opening gifts to each other :) Oh also with a cup of coffee by our side.
Haha dad opening his gift with his festive ribbon tied like a ninja on his head.
Hubs at home with me opening his gifts couple years ago

9. Favorite tree topper: This is a weird question. Um. I dont aunt brenda had one that was a star and lit up different colors. It was way old school but I love it and remember it still. 

Christmas is almost here!!!
Tommorow I have to work until 4pm...and I am so nice.  I spent my whole evening baking/creating things for tommorow at work.  We are bringing snacks.
 Then I am making stuffing and my famous green bean casserole and cranberry sauce to bring to my mamas :)  I seriously cannot wait to spend time with my family tommorow night!!  Its probably my favorite night of the year. 
I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas Eve!! :)
Let me know some of your Christmas favorites :)

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