Friday, December 14, 2012

Crying over Cheesecake

Good evening loves!

What a day....God bless those families in Connecticut today..absolutley breaks my heart.

Prayers going out to them. 

First off, let me just say my poor kitty had to go get spayed today at the vet.  I was all terrified when I had to sign waivers saying they arent responsible if she dies!!  Apparently its not a very dangerous procedure but animals can react badly to anasthesia :(

Luckliy, they called me after I started freaking a bit, and told me everything went fine and I can pick her up tommorow.

Seriously I cannot even imagine having an actual CHILD and it being in any sort of danger.  Breaks my heart yall...

Ok so needless to say I had to rush to work, a tad late and start on payroll so I didnt get a pic of my breakfast but it was the same thing: iced coffee and egg and cheese sammy!

In leiu of food here is a pic of my baby girl

Completley unthrilled about her surgery.
Cant blame her myself.
Anyways for lunch I needed a break from the soup LOL so I went to subway and got a 2.00 cold cut combo!
No cheese, add veggies, vinegar and mustard.  Also 100 cal pack of cheetos.
Then my downfall was buying these dang cheap-o chocolate covered marshmallow creations near the checkout.
I had FOUR. Luckilly they are only 40 cals each but still.
Then later on I had a pack of lance PB and cheese crackers. 210 cals. Not pictured :(
And I came home and Hubs and I decided to go to Chilis.
I got a diet coke and the Light Grilled chicken sandwich with broccoli on the side.
It was SO good. Only 480 cals for the whole thing!!
The sandwich comes with honeymustard dressing on it and its yumm!
Then I decided I wanted cheesecake and I would get this CHEESECAKE in one little slice at chickfila and share it with hubs.
First we went to Target. 
I proceded to try to find Breaking Dawn for about 40 minutes it seemed.  They were sold out and no one would give me a raincheck.  It was on sale for 10.00.  I was awfully mad.
I did find these Luna Bars though, anyone try them?
Anyways so I get to the mall...and Chick fila no longer sells cheesecake.
Upset ---go to bath and body works.
They give me a fit about exchanging something for an even trade.
I get angrier and we leave after I pay an additional 1.70.
I know people, Im cray!! But in the moment I was pissed.
So I make Hubs take me to harris teeter where I KNOW they sell cheesecake by the slice!
They sell it by the TWO slice apparently.
Two huge slices for 5.99.
I could spend that much at olive garden with better cheesecake and i knew if there were two slices i would eat every bit of one.
So we leave.
I go to food lion.
They dont have one slice OR two.
They have a SMALL actual CHEESE CAKE.
Different flavors about 8 small slices.
SOMEONE help me NOW.
I pick it up...STILL 5.99 and think, oh it has the calories on it listed, thats BETTER.
I walk all the way to the checkouts then I think NO LAURYN dont spend 6.00 on cheesecake PLUS you dont need it!!! You will gain weight and be a fatty!!!
I am SO SICK of not getting what I want.
Not in the stores and not in the cheesecake department.
I put the stupid cheesecake BACK and walk back while the lady behind the deli counter eyes me suspiciously.
I go out the door and plop in the car all depressed and dramatic like.
My husband, I love him, but he just doesnt GET IT.
I start BAWLING.
About how I hate depriving myself, I just want cheesecake, it will be like this for the rest of my life...yadda yadda...the tears flow.
Over cheesecake.
I finally get it together and realize in light of the events of today, a cheesecake, breaking dawn dvd, and 1.70 more at bath and body works, are NOTHING to cry about.
Which kinds makes me feel like a jerk.
I came home and made me some lime water in a pretty glass so I can feel healthy and get my mind off the evilness of sugar.
I am commiting right now to not let one more thing pass through my belly besides this water tonight!!
Be strong friends...


  1. I feel your pain girl. Well not over cheesecake but the depriving yourself. I ate my leftover salad tonight in order to save money and eat healthy. Lets cross our fingers i don't get stomach pains again lol. Just remember nothing tastes as good as skinny feels. April

    1. Awww thanks bestie!!! Good job for you too!!! I love ya :)

  2. Aww, just a rough night. Hang in there!

  3. I am so proud of you for putting that cheesecake back. You are winning! I really wanted a Reese's tree tonight and I almost gave in to it. I had a cup a candy cane tea instead.

    1. Thanks so much girl!!! I was so glad I did because I lost a pound this morning!!!

  4. This has happened to me before!! We all have days like this! (((hugs)))

    1. thanks girl!! glad to know im not alone and crazy !!! lol

  5. So hard to not give in to cravings but when you do you should be proud!! Mad first but proud second :)

  6. Well, Publix sells just one slice in their deli. LOL. Sorry, couldn't resist. You will feel silly tomorrow. Been there, done that! But in the moment, it's SUCH a big deal! And no, the hubbies do NOT get it at all!!!

    1. lol good thing i dont have a publix!!! hahahaah i was sooo weak. And crazy!! LOL but i lost a pound this morning so glad i didnt eat it!!!

  7. I love the peppermint Luna bars, they are delicious. Unfortunately I can't have them anymore because they have to much sugar in them :/ Enjoy!

    1. Oh no! Poor thing! They are SO good!!! I had one for breakfast!! Now I know what people were talking about!! They remind me of an oreo peppermint patty! haha

  8. Oh cheesecake sounds so good! My favorite Luna bar is Nutz over chocolate! So good!

  9. My favorite Luna bar is the Vanilla Almond. Please let us know how the chocolate coconut is.

  10. I loved this post! It is so REAL and true! It is cool that you shared it with us. SO proud of you for taking the cheesecake back and I got such a kick out the comment about the deli lady! LOL You are an inspiration! And I love you so very, very much!!!! Love, Mama

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