Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Feeling Cruddy

Hey there :)

Im back. Yay I didnt fall asleep at 8:30 again tonight.

I woke up with a headache though and got another one around 3 this afternoon. Not fun.  Felt kinda feverish too..but I am feeling better!

On to food...here was a pic of yesterdays breakfast...but I ate the same thing, except the banana for breakfast today.

Rachel Ray's Maple Drizzle oatmeal 160 cals
Did yall know she has oatmeal out now???
It is really good!!
Then for lunch I had a smart ones pizza and tangerine.  This pizza is seriously da bomb diggity.
380 cals and 37 cals for tangerine
Then later I had to go run some errands for work and when my headache hit I got a cherry coke zero from burger king.
Along side it I ate my last Luna Bar, the peanut honey pretzel one.  Which I loved too, by the way.  Loved all three of those bars!! I must get some more!!!
180 cals i think
I started feeling better and came on home after work.  I decided it would be best not to go to kickboxing tonight and rest my bones again.
SO I had a quick easy dinner, grilled cheese and campbells wild rice and chicken soup.
sandwich-180 cals plus 45 cals for brummel and brown and 180 for soup
Then the hubs thought he could sneak some oreos in his mouth while he was lounging in his recliner, post dinner, without me seeing.

I had two cool mint oreos dipped in milk.
140 cals (not including the milk for dipping).
Then later on I had 100 cals of this.
100 calories
Its pretty good but kinda weirdishly tart, I guess like greek yogurt. lol.
Its way too expensive too, almost like 3.00 for 3 of these little guys.
I will prob stick to skinny cow.  But fun to try.
Today was a great day and I am happy with my eats. 
OH! And I got the sweetest glittery card of encouragment from my friend Chanci!
She has lost 350 lbs and kept it off and she is and has been a huge source of inspiration for me. 
That totally made my day!!
Have a good night !!!


  1. I hope you continue feeling better and aren't getting the flu or anything crummy! (((hugs))) Didn't know anything about that oatmeal, but it sounds good. Where did you get it? I'd love to see the packaging. :)

    1. hey girl! i will text u a pic or put one on here soon !! its cool, i just found it near the poptarts on the cereal isle when i was getting some for hubby i think...oh and just at walmart!! I feel better thank u dahling!

  2. Morning girlie! I hope you are feeling better and are headache free today. Glad you were able to stay up last night but you know when if you fall asleep at 8:30 that's your body telling you ok I'm tired. So, glad you got some rest...you obviously needed it. Have a great day!

    1. Thanks Sheila!! Yes I suppose I did need the rest, so weird!! LOL It was super nice to get all that sleep :) And I am feeling much much better, thank you dear :)


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