Friday, December 21, 2012

Yesterday & My little Brother

Hey guys...sorry for my lack of posting yesterday, I literally went to kickboxing and came home and got in bed.  Didnt even eat dinner.

I had an egg and cheese sammy for breakfast with coffee with peppermint mocha creamer
And for lunch...well I had a free coupon for a sandwich at Chick fila, it was on their survey thing. AND I have been dealing with a lot of personal issues and decided to eat my feelings.
It is what it is.
Later on at work, I decided fatty needed more food.
I only hate half before I was full and wrapped it back up
The rest of the day went blah.
Went to kickboxing.
Won a prize-3 travel size bath and body japanese cherry blossom things.
Came home, bed.
This morning I saw the lowest number EVER in the past six years. Possibly longer.
Sort of made my self imposed suffering yesterday worthwhile.
But I want to touch on a subject real quick 
My little brother
I want to say that I am extreemly proud of my brother.
We have grown up in a patriotic household, always loving America.
My grandpa was in the Army for WWII and then my stepdad went into the Airforce for a short while.  
Just this past year we found out that my brother wants to join the Marines.

But I know this is more than that. Its more than love of country.
My brother wants to better himself. 
He has went through college for a few years for computers, which he is very good at.  But one day he decided he just didnt know if he wanted to do computers anymore. 
The next thing we know he is traning on the weekends to join the Marines. 
He was told before he shipped out, he had to loose weight. 
So this whole summer and fall my brother has been busting his butt to loose the weight so that he can ship out. 
This summer I ran my first 5k with him cheering me on.
"Come on Sissy, you can do it"...was probably the sweetest words I had heard from him since before he turned 12.
That last half mile was HARD, it was almost 100 degrees outside.
But it was the most incredible feeling ever. 
Knowing that I did this with my brother and that I knew he was proud of me.
Now Jonathan has lost over 36 lbs and passed his ship validation. 
We found out yesteday that he ships out to boot camp January 7th.
This is all becoming very real to me very fast and it is scarry. 
I am so incredibly proud of him but also scared for him. 
But I know that the Lord will protect him and he has an incredible plan for his life. 
So when I think about my little brother...
I think about my partner in crime. 
I think about me always yelling at him to get out of my room.
I think about the ways we entertained ourself when we were snowed in.
I think of us getting baptized together at church.
I think of dragging him out of his little red bed at 2am so we could go wake mom and dad up to see what Santa brought.
I think of us throwing his toy Elfie (yes before Elf on the shelf we had a real Elf toy!) up and smashing out his bedroom light.  The look of "oh crap we are in trouble" came over each our faces before we busted out laughing.
I think of me teaching him to ride a bike.
I think of him calling me when he safely landed in Europe the summer after he graduated, and the relief I felt.
I think of him, with those big baby blue eyes, soft brown hair, and the sweetest smile you could ever have. 
While he is now a grown 6'2 21 year old man, he will always always be my little brother.
And in a way, my best friend.


  1. Hi missy, sorry that you are dealing with some personal issues :0(. I'm not sure if it's just related to your brother leaving or if there are other issues but you are in my prayers and I hope things get much better very soon. I am very proud of you for that low number though. I was doing good the last week but the last couple of days not so much. The scale was kind this morning though so I hope I don't fall too far off the deep end. Hopefully you have some time off for Christmas and are enjoying time with family and are now finished with your shopping...xoxoxoxo

  2. aww thanks honey!! yeah we got the issues worked out thank the Lord :) thank you for your prayers!!! they mean so much! i was so happy over that number and i saw it again this morning! :) yay! haha anyways your awesome thanks so much for your sweet comments all the time!! I hope you have a great pre-Christmas weekend with your beautiful kiddos and your man!!! Ps-i am ALMOST done with shopping hahaha


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