Thursday, April 25, 2013

Day 15: Best Fraaaand Friday!

Happy Friday my loves!! I hope you all have had an amazing week!  I just finished Day 15! HALF way done with the 30 Day Shred!!! Hollaaaaa!! Ok so YOU my friends are in for a treat, my Bestie in the whole wide world is guest posting for me!  It's best frannnnd Friday! 

April has lost 18 lbs so far on her weight loss journey and she is going to share her tips with you for losing weight on the go!

Hey all you lovely ladies!!!!  First of all I want to say how excited I am to be have a guest post on my best friends blog.  I know how much she loves all her readers so I am in disbelief she trusts me to do this bwahaha jk.  I currently do not have a blog but I am on MyFitnessPal at lovechick8700 if yall want to be my friend ( I love new friends and more motivation). 

So a little bit of background information for yall....did you know me and Lauryn have been friends for 11 years??? Yes I used to see her every morning in 9th grade come into my class to see one of her other friends.  Never did I know that she would be my best friend 4 years later.  We both have been struggling with our weight since high school but finally decided to do something about it in the past year. 

So the topic I want to talk about is eating on the go.  I am in class during lunch hours on Monday and Tuesday and at the hospital all day on Fridays.  This means a lot of quick on the go foods which normally equals processed high calorie foods. I am trying to eat less processed more fresh foods but it is sooo hard!

Anyways normally for breakfast I start off with this.

I literally pour some into a pan and then lay it on a tortilla that I heat for 15 seconds in the microwave and sprinkle some hot sauce on it.  Freakin amazin!!!

Lunch well thats where it gets tricky....I cant heat up a lean cusine in class so normally I will bring some trail mix or crackers to hold me over. Some of my favorite things to get if I have to go to a drive thru is a grilled chicken wrap from mcdonalds or the chargrilled chicken sandwich from Chickfilia.  You cannot beat that sandwhich at 270 calories.  Also I love this brand of greek yogurt.

 Has to be the fruit on the bottom though and they only have about 130 calories so not too bad.

Dinner is where I struggle because I hate to cook for one person so I normally eat a microwaved dinner or a salmon burger.  I will say that these little things are soo good though.  They are 90 calories and have a spicy taste to them and not too fishy.

And my favorite thing I am loving are these little nuggets.

They are 21.1 calories a piece so a handful is not too bad for you and you get your choclate fix.  I keep a bag in the freezer for emergencies :)

I hope that you found something in this that helps.  I love looking for new food ideas.  Thanks for reading!!!!

Thank you so much for posting April!!!
I hope you all enjoyed reading that as much as I did, and April will be back guest posting soon!  If you have any questions for her please leave them in the comments below!
Happy Friday Frannnnds!!!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Day 14: What I'm Loving Wednesday

Hey sweets!

Today I am loving....

The fact that I got to wake up and actually get ready for work the same time as hubby! We have been on crazy different schedules lately...

He is such a sweetie.
Speaking of sweetie...I totally thought he wasn't going to stop and get me these but he did!  I tried two of these puppies today from a co worker and they are the best thing everrr!!!
Im also loving the fact that I woke up on time this morning and had my coffee and got my workout in!  It felt great and unusual that I didn't have to come home and do the shred this afternoon.  ALSO I am loving that I am almost half way through, tomorrow is day 15!
I am SO loving this iced coffee I made today with 3 packets of sweetner, almond milk, and coffee!
I am seriously LOVING this salad dressing!!! It is soo good. I dipped sliced colored bell peppers in it today!
And finally....I am LOVING that my bestie has agreed to do a guest post for me either this week or next!  She is a student/works part time and has a very different schedule than I do.  A lot of time she is forced to eat on the run and also grab things while she is out, so she is going to tell you all a bit of what she has been eating & ordering when out that has helped her lose 18 lbs!
That's her boyfrannnd.  Its hard finding a pic without his face in it! Love ya Mike!
Friends I must ask you...please pray for my brother...he has the crucible tomorrow which is a final test in Marine boot camp...its a field test that involves sleeping outside, simulating combat courses, very little sleep, 2.5 meals (ready to eat meals) and it lasts 54 hours.  Please please keep him in your prayers!! It would mean so much to me.  Do we have any military peeps here?!?
It's like a family I am discovering...
and lastly I am LOVING all of you!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Day 13: Getting a Routine

Hey loves!

Ok so I am feeling the extreme need to basically create a morning routine. 

I like working out in the morning because it is over and done and I don't dread it all day.  And lets, face it, if you are keeping up with me you know I complain about the 30 Day Shred
I dread it.  There is no denying that.

However, I LONG to be a morning person!!! I am naturally a night owl but I know that even when Im a good girl and get up in the morning...I still feel like a zombie when I try to workout. 

Ok so for the rest of the week *cross fingers* I am going to try to go to bed before 10pm and get up at 6am.  Lets see how we do.  In fact, if I remember I may do a day in the life for yall.  But lets not get ahead of ourselves. Haha.

Ok so I did day 13 today, in case you were wondering. 

By the way peoples, PAY ATTENTION to the moves you are doing.  The last ab workout I have been doing WRONG and making it HARDER on myself. LOL. Oh I am so hilarious sometimes. Just a tip.

So anyways. This was todays lunch, since I have been sharing lunch! Mashed avocado, leftover Mexican chicken fijitas meat/peppers/onions and then the santa fe rice and beans from smart ones.  With some chips and salsa.

Tonight I had to stop by Aldis and I was feeling hungry so I got me a low carb platter at cookout.  If this hadn't existed I would have got a hamburger wrapped in lettuce.  But this puppy was awesome for only like 2.98.  I got ice water with lemon (the squirt kind) and I love their ice sooo much.  Its like Sonic's ice in case you don't have a Cook Out where you are. 

So yummy!
Ok SO! I have my workout clothes laid out for the morning, and my lunch packed!
And this is all the stuff I got at Aldis for like 23 bucks!!!!

I am so excited about the lunch I packed for tomorrow cant wait to show yall!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Day 12: Planking. Sucks.

Whomever invented this "planking" thing should be drug out into the streets and slapped with a phone book.

I am NOT a fan. 


Oh. So not fun is the Day 12 of the 30 day shred.  Only 18 more days. Ugh.

I am already regretting this rash decision I made two Thursdays ago to randomly start this crap.

Haha. Ok well not completely regretting it. 

But let me tell you...level 2 sucks. Which scares me for level 3. 

The only bright side to this is that my body is conditioning itself.  Meaning, if something starts out super hard...makes me gasp for breath...pant...distort my face & usually ends up getting easier.  I hate to admit it, but it does.  It's just hard to remember that on Day 2 when Jillian is yelling that she wants us to feel like we are about to DIE.

I feel slimmer though and I feel like my stomach doesn't protrude nearly as much.  It's pretty bad when you are missing bicycle crunches because you would MUCH rather do them than some planking twist nonsense that is supposed to work your abs. 

Its a blue miracle I didn't fall face first into some carpet burn. 

Anyways my sweet sweet Hubby is home tonight! Three cheers!!! No more night shift...for at least a few days I think LOL.

Ok so in other news, my Victoria Secrets order came into today! Yesss!  My Alabama yoga pants are the star of the show...

Ok so I wanted to share a lunch I had today with you all to give you an idea of how to spruce up your little frozen meals.

This was a lasagna with meat sauce from lean cuisines, 320 cals. I had a spinach salad with turkey pepperoni (8 tore up) and the Italian roasted red pepper dressing (SO GOOD!).  I was seriously like raking my greedy little fork over these plastic dishes when they were empty trying to get the very last little yummy!
What did you have for lunch today! Let me know in the comments, I am always looking for good ideas!!!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Day 11: Share My Meals Sunday

Hey loves!

Ok, so because I am doing the 30 day shred I am not going to weigh in with you all until the end.  So instead, I decided I would take food pics for you today!

This morning I got up early and spent some quality time with Jillian, this time on Level 2! Which by the way, is FREAKIN HARD. I do NOT enjoy walking pushups.  Never heard of those? Yeah me either...until TODAY.


After my sweat sesh I made a delicious breakfast.  1/4 cup of cheerios was consumed pre-workout.

This has been my favorite breakfast lately, an egg, 2 egg whites scrambled with salsa and avocado.
Then I went to church!
Got home and ate some leftover Chinese...sesame chicken...ok I had some last night..and a little bit more for lunch...and this is what was left...
So I left that for hubby.
Then I did a few things around the house and had to go to my sweet friends baby shower.
She is so cute! She was opening my present!
They had some awesome punch and food!
I went to Target on the way home to get some things for lunches and breakfasts this week.

Dinner was a smart ones spaghetti with a spinach salad topped with hummus and Italian roasted red pepper dressing that is out of this world! And only 40 cals for 2 tbsp!
Then while watching tv I had some popcorn and sour patch to end the night :)
Oh and I found some Justin's Maple Almond butter at target on clearance!!! SCORE!!!
Night loves!!!
P.S. I am DREADING the shred tomorrow, its so much harder now. Boo hoo.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Day 8, 9 & 10 Muskles & Kitty

Hey kids!

I hope you all are enjoying the gorgeous weather today!

It's bright and beautiful in the Carolinas right now and even though I had to work this morning I enjoyed spending this afternoon with my lover buns!

He has been working third shift so I literally see him sleep/half awake while I get ready in the morning.  So luckily I was home after lunch and we got to spend some time together! We just cuddled and watched My Cousin Vinny. LOVE that movie haha. let's see...I didn't blog Thursday night because HJ was installing my new blog but I did come home after work and do the 30 DS.  Friday morning I did it as well...because I knew I probably would be home late Friday night.  Planning is key peeps!  And I just finished with Day 10 about 30 minutes ago.  I have actually worked out for 10 days straight! Wooo hoo!!! Oh and I seriously feel muskles.  Hubby felt my arm and they are there!!!! If the hubs admits they are existent then trust me, they are there!!! Now I just need to test them out in a good arm wrestle.... other news....Kitty Noel has apparently been needing some sunshine too.

She decided she wanted to play outside today.

Which is fine until she scampers under the porch looking for bugs.

Daddy had to try and coax her out.

Here kitty kitty....
Look! We will give you a love treats...
And if we put one on the steps you get even closer to the front door...
Yes.  You were tricked for a treat.
We win!
And just because I don't feel all is right in the blog world without a good selfie once in a while....
And Staci.....the toilet lid is down too. Your welcome.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday Favorites!

Hey loves!!! How do you like the new blog design!?!

 I think it's freaking beautiful myself...of course I hired Creative Genius ...aka Hubby Jack to do it!  It's the cool thing to do and he is pretty much hilarious-ness.  Seriously, if you want to laugh your face off go visit his blog.

Ok so in honor of the new blog design I am going to do the first edition of Friday Favorites!!!!

Your welcome.

First off.....

This is my favorite new kitchen gadget at the moment.  Its great for quick smoothies.  You can get it at Target around 20 bucks.  And its pink.  Need I say more?
This junk is the shizz.  For real.  I LOVE this stuff.  Has a great minty smell to it, and its PERFECT for a big soak in the tub after a hard day...or workout...or no reason at all. I have the matching lotion too.
Ok if you have been reading my blog for any length of time at all you know I am obsessed with these cups.  Sheila recently gave me my favorite one :)
Ok...and this face wash is in my new holy grail of products.
You can use it anytime but its designed for in the morning.  Its only like 5 bucks and it makes you feel new born baby skin!!!!
 Your basic 50 dollar ipod shuffle.  I LOVE THIS THING.
I have had way more expensive ones, but this one is the best because it clips on you.  I HATE those stupid armbands you have to wear if you don't have a clippy!!!
My favorite face wipes!  Besides the over prices Say Yes to Cucumber Wipes that feel fantastico on my skin, these babies are affordable, durable and I feel like they get most of my makeup off.  This little pack was 99 cent at Target.  They are also Target brand.  This pack was from my gym bag, I like to wipe my makeup off/face after a workout! Keep those pores clean ladies!
Ok and last but certainly not least....
This BEAST of a BLOGGER man..............
...creative genius... of comedy...
.....HUBBY JACK...!!
Yes I took a picture of a picture. Don't judge my mad skills.
Hubby Jack is responsible for this beautimous new page!!!!
I love it so SO much! He took everything I wanted and made something amazing out of it!! I highly recommend him for any blog design or just a great laugh.
Thank HJ !!!
I hope you all have a fantastic Friday and tell me one of your new favorites!!!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Day 7: Victoria's Secret, New Products, Coffee Burns & Suprises

Ha, don't you love my creative title?

I tell you what the creative juices are just FLOWIN tonight folks.

Ok sooooo GUESS WHAT?

I have to tell yall...I just redeemed my VS reward card and it had 50 bucks on it! YES!

I have never gotten more than 10 bucks from this crap card!

PLUS they are doing free shipping and a free panty when you buy a sports bra. 

SO this girl ordered a sports bra (never had anything nicer than Old Navy-Im 27-Its time)

plus some undies, and the coolest Alabama yoga pants I've seen. Ever.

You know I will show you them when they come in! Insert: Roll Tide!


So today was day 7 of the freaking shred. UGH.  23 more days.

Not bad though.  I think I am actually starting to do everything a lot better than when I started out.  Most things seem easier and I think I am getting the form right as well.  I am getting a tad sick of hearing Jillian say crap over and over but whatever.

So anyways I wanted to share some new products I picked up at my favorite store, Aldis.

1. Special K Pastry Crisps: Brown Sugar & Cinnamon

I'm sure you can probably get these anywhere but this is the first time I have seen this particular flavor.  They had chocolate too but I figured I needed these since I stole bites of hubby's brown sugar and cinnamon 200 calories for one pop tart the other day. These are good.  They are 100 cals and they are light and crispy JUST LIKE a pop tart.  Your welcome.

2. Fit and Active Drink Enhancer

To be honest I went in looking for this.  It was like $2.69 which made me happy and it had the word watermelon on it which made me happier.  Its pretty good if you hate water but kind of reminds me of drinking straight up chemicals.  Not the best but then again I haven't tried the MIO so have nothing to compare it to. I just don't always have a water bottle, I like cups more (which I know you all notice COUGHSHEILACOUGH) muwhaha. And if I go shakin a cup, you all know I will end up needing a TIDE pen to go.
Which actually reminds me to mention how incredibly useful my car care kit has been lately.
#1.  Leather Wipes from Dollar Store: Very useful when wiping off self tanner lotion from your black leather seats that almost went days unnoticed.
#2. Microfiber cloth:  When you are trying awkwardly to get into your car carrying two tervis tumblers.  One slightly larger than the other filled with ice water, and the other filled with coffee.  You are paying more attention to the coffee and then the water spills all over your seats, gear shifter and cup holder.
#3. Microfiber cloth: Most useful when you are driving down the road, pleased with yourself for carrying a microfiber cloth, thinking how great it is to wipe up ice water.... and you take a big swig of hot coffee, promptly giving yourself a third degree burn and spilling it all over your shirt. 
Note to self:  Add a first aid kit with burn cream.
That's all folks...and I have a surprise coming soon!!!!!
No I'm not pregnant.
No it's not a giveaway.
Calm it down.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Day 6: Suck it up BUTTERCUP!

Hey there my loves!

I hope you all had a good day...

I am sitting here getting pretty tired as I write this.  I actually got up early this morning, yay me!

I did the Day 6 of the Shred.  I am not as sore as I was in the beginning.  I guess that is good?  I'm sure when I start level 2 the soreness will return with a vengeance.  Dang you, Jillian!

Anyways, did that. Went to work and for some reason today I could just NOT focus.  I don't know what gives, but I was super tired, SO I must promptly go to bed at 10pm tonight. I always read my Bible and it really helps me settle into sleepy mode because I think my body recognizes signs of bedtime.  Turn off the light...turn on the lamp...teeth are brushed...settle into bed.  Its nice. 

Anyways after lunch today I had one of these:

Probably my favorite Lara bar.  So yummy. 
After work I went to the gym.  I knew I needed to incorporate some more cardio and I also wanted to honor those in Boston and #runforboston.  So I walked 5 mins, ran 15 and really upped it and pushed myself there at the end.  It makes me really think about how we take our bodies for granted...some of those people might never be able to walk again.  I want to for certain use my body to its full potential and keep it strong and healthy. 
Dinner was a salmon burger, brown rice and green beans. 
This was desert...
Chocolate chip cookie dough frozen yogurt.  SOOOO good.
I should be real good with my calories tonight, plus I also did the elliptical at the gym so for 30 mins I burned like 295 cals.  Plus the Shred in the morning. 
Oh ...and I got this one in trouble today when I was texting her while she was taking a test in nursing school.....
Sorry boo!!! ...Oh and can yall believe she tried to tempt me into going to a BUFFET tonight...a hibatchi one at that.  Naughty Naughty girl. 
Sometimes it gets tough ...this journey we are on..sometimes we want to throw in the towel...sometimes we want to eat buffets..and bon bons...and be lazy...but when the going gets tough....

Monday, April 15, 2013

Day 5 & New Snackage Idea

Hey everyone...

I just wanted to say that I am praying for those involved in the Boston bombing.  Makes me sick watching the news...its a familiar sick feeling....same as when I watched the news on 9/11.  I fear this horrible world is only going to get worse. far as today goes...I did good!  Lunch was good...subway...dinner was a smart ones spaghetti.  I also had some yummy frozen yogurt we got at Bilo this weekend, it's chocolate chip cookie dough...heaven I tell you!!!

I had this as breakfast part two this morning...and I like the combo!

half a serving of the turkey peps and a cheese stick..all under 100 cals!
I woke up bright and early this morning and did the 30 DS Day 5! Yay... ! Only 25 more to go. LOL.
I was sore this morning but Im feeling better now. I was reading in Jillian Michaels book Slim for Life that she says to exercise at the same time every day so I plan to go to bed here in a bit and get up early again.  I like getting it over first thing and taking a nice hot shower afterwards.
I also got the sweetest note from my friend Stacey about Reese.  It really touches my heart that so many people recognize how bad it hurts to lose a precious animal. 
I hope you are all safe and sound tonight...sending lots of love all over the beautiful USA tonight!! xoxox

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Day 3 & 4 plus Weigh In!

Hola!!!! I hope everyone has had a fabulous weekend.  Sunday nights always have depressed me though, ever since I was a kid...I hate saying bye bye to the weekend!!!!! Ugh. Oh well.


I lost 3.2 lbs this week!!! So I am like a half a pound away from my lowest...*happy dance*

So that is bueno.  Ok so next on the list...this weekend.  Very low key. 

Hubby was home which made me a happy girl!! We spent a lot of time cleaning and doing some grocery shopping.  I had a mild crazy moment in line at mcdonalds getting lunch Saturday.  I had ordered fat girl food.  I got up to the window to pay and changed it to the grilled chicken salad.

Came home.  Did day 3 of the shred.  THEN went running/walking.  Craziness I tell you!! WHO is this girl who can run after the shred? LOL.  Ok so then me and hubs went out to eat at Red Bowl and I got the hibatchi chicken bento box.

Oh and by the way...this is a really great flavor of  yogurt I tried the other day...
Ok so then we went to sweet frog!  We got some fro yo and it promptly upset my poor stomach which was already not feeling so lovely due to the Asian food.
This morning we went to church.  It was great.  I made waffles and eggs for breakfast.  Lunch was Mexican....I had the lunch mixed fijitas.  It was a great small lunch portion but filled me up.
Came home and around 3pm did the shred Day 4. 

I am still sore.  Saturday I was way more sore than today.  However, when I put on heels for church, I could feel like my calves hurt from squats LOL.  But it does get easier...I am just scared to see what level 2 and 3 are like..eeeek!!!!
Ok so dinner was this...
Now I think we are going to watch tv and I will have a mini bag of popcorn with a small SMALL pre portioned amount of sour patch.
I call this weekend a success! YAY. Finally. 

Friday, April 12, 2013

Day 2: Steak & Movie Night

Hey guys...happy Friday!!

I woke up today extra early and did day 2 of the 30 DS. Yessss I did!

Today work was slowish so I spent a lot of time in the back room filing.  Hubby is home now after working nights for almost 2 weeks!! I am so glad to see him!

Did pretty good on cals today too!  Tonight for dinner we had steak, sweet tater fries baked in the oven and broccoli with a bit of cheese on good!!! Now we are going to have a mini bag of popcorn and watch Taken 2.  I hope you are with the ones you love tonight!