Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Day 13: Getting a Routine

Hey loves!

Ok so I am feeling the extreme need to basically create a morning routine. 

I like working out in the morning because it is over and done and I don't dread it all day.  And lets, face it, if you are keeping up with me you know I complain about the 30 Day Shred every.single.day.
I dread it.  There is no denying that.

However, I LONG to be a morning person!!! I am naturally a night owl but I know that even when Im a good girl and get up in the morning...I still feel like a zombie when I try to workout. 

Ok so for the rest of the week *cross fingers* I am going to try to go to bed before 10pm and get up at 6am.  Lets see how we do.  In fact, if I remember I may do a day in the life for yall.  But lets not get ahead of ourselves. Haha.

Ok so I did day 13 today, in case you were wondering. 

By the way peoples, PAY ATTENTION to the moves you are doing.  The last ab workout I have been doing WRONG and making it HARDER on myself. LOL. Oh I am so hilarious sometimes. Just a tip.

So anyways. This was todays lunch, since I have been sharing lunch! Mashed avocado, leftover Mexican chicken fijitas meat/peppers/onions and then the santa fe rice and beans from smart ones.  With some chips and salsa.

Tonight I had to stop by Aldis and I was feeling hungry so I got me a low carb platter at cookout.  If this hadn't existed I would have got a hamburger wrapped in lettuce.  But this puppy was awesome for only like 2.98.  I got ice water with lemon (the squirt kind) and I love their ice sooo much.  Its like Sonic's ice in case you don't have a Cook Out where you are. 

So yummy!
Ok SO! I have my workout clothes laid out for the morning, and my lunch packed!
And this is all the stuff I got at Aldis for like 23 bucks!!!!

I am so excited about the lunch I packed for tomorrow cant wait to show yall!


  1. I am also a night owl but agree that a morning routine just feels good. I think it would be easier to have a morning routine if I had a job to report to at a certain time each day, so you will probably transition well. So exciting that you are nearly halfway through your 30 ds! :)

  2. Great shopping trip!!

    I'm a dedicated night owl :) Actually I work 2-10 so I rarely get to bed before 12:30!


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