Sunday, April 14, 2013

Day 3 & 4 plus Weigh In!

Hola!!!! I hope everyone has had a fabulous weekend.  Sunday nights always have depressed me though, ever since I was a kid...I hate saying bye bye to the weekend!!!!! Ugh. Oh well.


I lost 3.2 lbs this week!!! So I am like a half a pound away from my lowest...*happy dance*

So that is bueno.  Ok so next on the list...this weekend.  Very low key. 

Hubby was home which made me a happy girl!! We spent a lot of time cleaning and doing some grocery shopping.  I had a mild crazy moment in line at mcdonalds getting lunch Saturday.  I had ordered fat girl food.  I got up to the window to pay and changed it to the grilled chicken salad.

Came home.  Did day 3 of the shred.  THEN went running/walking.  Craziness I tell you!! WHO is this girl who can run after the shred? LOL.  Ok so then me and hubs went out to eat at Red Bowl and I got the hibatchi chicken bento box.

Oh and by the way...this is a really great flavor of  yogurt I tried the other day...
Ok so then we went to sweet frog!  We got some fro yo and it promptly upset my poor stomach which was already not feeling so lovely due to the Asian food.
This morning we went to church.  It was great.  I made waffles and eggs for breakfast.  Lunch was Mexican....I had the lunch mixed fijitas.  It was a great small lunch portion but filled me up.
Came home and around 3pm did the shred Day 4. 

I am still sore.  Saturday I was way more sore than today.  However, when I put on heels for church, I could feel like my calves hurt from squats LOL.  But it does get easier...I am just scared to see what level 2 and 3 are like..eeeek!!!!
Ok so dinner was this...
Now I think we are going to watch tv and I will have a mini bag of popcorn with a small SMALL pre portioned amount of sour patch.
I call this weekend a success! YAY. Finally. 


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