Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday Favorites!

Hey loves!!! How do you like the new blog design!?!

 I think it's freaking beautiful myself...of course I hired Creative Genius ...aka Hubby Jack to do it!  It's the cool thing to do and he is pretty much hilarious-ness.  Seriously, if you want to laugh your face off go visit his blog.

Ok so in honor of the new blog design I am going to do the first edition of Friday Favorites!!!!

Your welcome.

First off.....

This is my favorite new kitchen gadget at the moment.  Its great for quick smoothies.  You can get it at Target around 20 bucks.  And its pink.  Need I say more?
This junk is the shizz.  For real.  I LOVE this stuff.  Has a great minty smell to it, and its PERFECT for a big soak in the tub after a hard day...or workout...or no reason at all. I have the matching lotion too.
Ok if you have been reading my blog for any length of time at all you know I am obsessed with these cups.  Sheila recently gave me my favorite one :)
Ok...and this face wash is in my new holy grail of products.
You can use it anytime but its designed for in the morning.  Its only like 5 bucks and it makes you feel new born baby skin!!!!
 Your basic 50 dollar ipod shuffle.  I LOVE THIS THING.
I have had way more expensive ones, but this one is the best because it clips on you.  I HATE those stupid armbands you have to wear if you don't have a clippy!!!
My favorite face wipes!  Besides the over prices Say Yes to Cucumber Wipes that feel fantastico on my skin, these babies are affordable, durable and I feel like they get most of my makeup off.  This little pack was 99 cent at Target.  They are also Target brand.  This pack was from my gym bag, I like to wipe my makeup off/face after a workout! Keep those pores clean ladies!
Ok and last but certainly not least....
This BEAST of a BLOGGER man..............
...creative genius... of comedy...
.....HUBBY JACK...!!
Yes I took a picture of a picture. Don't judge my mad skills.
Hubby Jack is responsible for this beautimous new page!!!!
I love it so SO much! He took everything I wanted and made something amazing out of it!! I highly recommend him for any blog design or just a great laugh.
Thank HJ !!!
I hope you all have a fantastic Friday and tell me one of your new favorites!!!


  1. Visiting from Hubby Jack! I have that same striped tumbler from Old Navy, drink out of it almost every day. HAHA!

    You can visit me at

    1. haha too funny girl, I just left a comment on your blog! we are dealership divas LOL! thanks for stopping by!!

  2. I love, love, love the look Lauryn! So cool. I can't wait to feel better and read all your tabbed sections. Right now, I'm going to bed! Lol

    1. thank you darlin!!!! the tabbed sections arent filled in yet so you arent missing anything!!! I hope you feel better love!!!

  3. I LOVE the new blog design!!! Very eye catching!

  4. Love the design, and what a cute post!! Can't wait to read more :D

  5. I love the new look :)Two thumbs up for Jack!!

    1. Thank you Suzi...yes he is great!!!! :)


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