Saturday, April 20, 2013

Day 8, 9 & 10 Muskles & Kitty

Hey kids!

I hope you all are enjoying the gorgeous weather today!

It's bright and beautiful in the Carolinas right now and even though I had to work this morning I enjoyed spending this afternoon with my lover buns!

He has been working third shift so I literally see him sleep/half awake while I get ready in the morning.  So luckily I was home after lunch and we got to spend some time together! We just cuddled and watched My Cousin Vinny. LOVE that movie haha. let's see...I didn't blog Thursday night because HJ was installing my new blog but I did come home after work and do the 30 DS.  Friday morning I did it as well...because I knew I probably would be home late Friday night.  Planning is key peeps!  And I just finished with Day 10 about 30 minutes ago.  I have actually worked out for 10 days straight! Wooo hoo!!! Oh and I seriously feel muskles.  Hubby felt my arm and they are there!!!! If the hubs admits they are existent then trust me, they are there!!! Now I just need to test them out in a good arm wrestle.... other news....Kitty Noel has apparently been needing some sunshine too.

She decided she wanted to play outside today.

Which is fine until she scampers under the porch looking for bugs.

Daddy had to try and coax her out.

Here kitty kitty....
Look! We will give you a love treats...
And if we put one on the steps you get even closer to the front door...
Yes.  You were tricked for a treat.
We win!
And just because I don't feel all is right in the blog world without a good selfie once in a while....
And Staci.....the toilet lid is down too. Your welcome.


  1. Bwahahahaha! Do you know I looked at that BEFORE I saw your caption under the pic. THANKS! Lol You're looking great!

    1. Hahahah of course you did!!! YOu are so funny LOL!!!! And thank you darling!!!

  2. Ha ha I love you guys on the toilet seat! We always have it down but only because we were trained by our cat when he was a kitten so he wouldn't drown. However, that said, he's 12 now I don't think he's stupid enough to drown in the toilet now :)
    We had snow blizzards today believe it or not!

    1. LOL Suzi!! We are cray for real!!! Oh and whats so funny is when my cat was a kitten...we had put her in the bathroom and she fell in the toilet while we were at a Christmas party! My poor baby I was so upset!! LOL But she was fine just wet hahaha...crazy about the snow!! I hope it gets sunny there soon!!!

  3. So proud of you for sticking with Jillian for 10 days!!! Keep it up you look great.

    1. thank you sweet girl!!! im amazed i have done it this long hahaha

  4. Pretty kitty!! Gotta love when us humans actually win for once. :)

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