Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Day 6: Suck it up BUTTERCUP!

Hey there my loves!

I hope you all had a good day...

I am sitting here getting pretty tired as I write this.  I actually got up early this morning, yay me!

I did the Day 6 of the Shred.  I am not as sore as I was in the beginning.  I guess that is good?  I'm sure when I start level 2 the soreness will return with a vengeance.  Dang you, Jillian!

Anyways, did that. Went to work and for some reason today I could just NOT focus.  I don't know what gives, but I was super tired, SO I must promptly go to bed at 10pm tonight. I always read my Bible and it really helps me settle into sleepy mode because I think my body recognizes signs of bedtime.  Turn off the light...turn on the lamp...teeth are brushed...settle into bed.  Its nice. 

Anyways after lunch today I had one of these:

Probably my favorite Lara bar.  So yummy. 
After work I went to the gym.  I knew I needed to incorporate some more cardio and I also wanted to honor those in Boston and #runforboston.  So I walked 5 mins, ran 15 and really upped it and pushed myself there at the end.  It makes me really think about how we take our bodies for granted...some of those people might never be able to walk again.  I want to for certain use my body to its full potential and keep it strong and healthy. 
Dinner was a salmon burger, brown rice and green beans. 
This was desert...
Chocolate chip cookie dough frozen yogurt.  SOOOO good.
I should be real good with my calories tonight, plus I also did the elliptical at the gym so for 30 mins I burned like 295 cals.  Plus the Shred in the morning. 
Oh ...and I got this one in trouble today when I was texting her while she was taking a test in nursing school.....
Sorry boo!!! ...Oh and can yall believe she tried to tempt me into going to a BUFFET tonight...a hibatchi one at that.  Naughty Naughty girl. 
Sometimes it gets tough ...this journey we are on..sometimes we want to throw in the towel...sometimes we want to eat buffets..and bon bons...and be lazy...but when the going gets tough....


  1. Dear bestie, first of All....you made it up to me by doing my registry research without complaints and secondly I was kidding!!! No buffets for us post fat girls. We haven't been there in years though. I got some soup in the deli dept at walmart broccoli cheddar. 210 calories for the whole bowl it was amazing!! So good and fresh :) btw no stair stepper?? I'm not happy with you!

  2. I am so proud of you. I saw your IG post about the gym and was like "didn't she already do Jillian?" so good for you for getting 2 workouts in yesterday. Also we are just alike...I just tried that bar a few days ago and loved it. How could you not love anything coconut cream pie? I am really liking Larabars and Luna bars right now. I worked and had class last night but was itching to run so after class me and my honey headed to the track. I was really feeling it and knew it was going to be a good run. I always start off and see how far I can run without having to stop and take a walk break and usually do walk/run until I finish a 5k. My last run was Sunday and I ran 1.25 miles/14 minutes which was my best. Last night I ran for 2 miles straight and for over 22 minutes!!! Crazy right? It is amazing how mental working out is and what amazing things your body can do if you push yourself. I hope you have a great day ;0)

    1. Thank you so much sheila!!! Yes i couldnt hardly believe myself either two workouts in one day LOL ....you are doing SO AWESOME with your running girl I am SO proud of you!!!! ANd yay for your man running with you!!! That is so sweet!!! We really are stronger than we think...


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