Sunday, April 7, 2013

Weigh in Sunday!

Weigh in Sunday!  As I promised!!!!!!!

I lost 2.8 lbs from my last horrific weigh in, plus I have aunt flow which means im bloated too..FUN!!! However we are in the right direction with this number!! Honestly I ate some high calorie foods today but I am not disappointed in this day. 

Or this week for that matter...its been AWFUL and I could have seriously done some damage with pizza or cookies....if I had them around lol.

This weekend I have been seriously sleep deprived. 

Hubby left yesterday at a bit after 2:30 pm because they had a job to go finish.  They seriously worked over 24 hrs with NO sleep and he got home around 5:30 or 6 tonight.  SO cray. 

He stayed awake long enough to have a bath and we got Chinese ....then while he was eating and watching tv...he fell asleep with his food on his lap LOL...

He is so adorbs. lol
Ok so obviously you know I had Chinese for dinner!
Lets do this backwards to keep things interesting shall we?
Sesame chicken, egg roll, white rice with some broccoli (fresh and good)
However I only ate about half maybe, I still have a good bit of rice and chicken left.  Staci asked me one time or said something about how can I eat white rice and not get the fried lol.  It used to be hard but now its not, I love white rice and its just sooo many less cals.  When I was doing WW's it was 10pp for one cup fried and 5pp for one cup white lol.  Now hubby always gets white too!
White hubby was soaking his day off in the tub I was starving so I munched on about a serving, maybe a tad more of tortilla chips.
Before hubby came home I had been shopping: library return run, goodwill, target, dollar tree, bbw's.  I had gotten things to clean out my car and organize it.  I made a little basket after watching DoItOnADime on youtube, she is GREAT go find her!!! 
tissues, armorall, duster, microfiber cloth, leather wipes, trashcan, reusable grocery bag, wet wipes and hand sanitizer. 
Also the little neighbor kids came over and asked me if I found Reese yet.  SERIOUSLY.
Not a fun conversation.  I felt super bad, but I told them the truth, sparing most all the details. 
I told them she was in doggie heaven.  Which I think she is.  My heaven at least. 
Anyways I had went to church this morning sans husband and there wernt many other people there today either because the preacher was on vacation.  The fill in preacher stressed the fact that we should not fail to assemble ourselves together and that we are blessed to live in a country where we can attend church and its not against the law.  I completely agree. 
I got bojangles, first fast food all week!
I got the breast, biscuit and pintos and green beans because they were on the Smart Menu (for lower cals) because I knew I wanted my yummy chick and biscuit I would sacrifice for tastier sides LOL. Even the cat tried to eat my biscuit. 
Before church I had breakfast, Aldi's fit and active vanilla almond crunch cereal with almond milk and coffee.  Almond milk is sooo low in cals, only 40 per cup! I used to eat it years ago with multi grain cheerios like ALL the time.  Its also good in the summer if you go to a coffee house and get like two shots of espresso on ice, add in about 3/4 cup almond milk and you have a great iced coffee ( maybe splenda too) for like 40 cals!!!!
Ok guys well I hope yall have had a great weekend !!!


  1. Great loss!!! Yes, you def had an emotional week or so and you could've done some serious damage. Congrats!

  2. I agree with Staci...I can't do the white rice. At least not yet. I love the fried rice. Oh and I don't even need to explain my love for Bojangles to you again. That is a great loss considering the sucky week you had. Hope this week gets a little easier for you.

  3. Great weigh in!! Congratulations

  4. So sorry about your dog. :( I don't think I could do fried rice... So oily!

  5. I like almond milk on my cereal too, so low cal! I think I want to try and wean my son off cows milk (he's 10 lol) he drinks so much of it!


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