Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Day 14: What I'm Loving Wednesday

Hey sweets!

Today I am loving....

The fact that I got to wake up and actually get ready for work the same time as hubby! We have been on crazy different schedules lately...

He is such a sweetie.
Speaking of sweetie...I totally thought he wasn't going to stop and get me these but he did!  I tried two of these puppies today from a co worker and they are the best thing everrr!!!
Im also loving the fact that I woke up on time this morning and had my coffee and got my workout in!  It felt great and unusual that I didn't have to come home and do the shred this afternoon.  ALSO I am loving that I am almost half way through, tomorrow is day 15!
I am SO loving this iced coffee I made today with 3 packets of sweetner, almond milk, and coffee!
I am seriously LOVING this salad dressing!!! It is soo good. I dipped sliced colored bell peppers in it today!
And finally....I am LOVING that my bestie has agreed to do a guest post for me either this week or next!  She is a student/works part time and has a very different schedule than I do.  A lot of time she is forced to eat on the run and also grab things while she is out, so she is going to tell you all a bit of what she has been eating & ordering when out that has helped her lose 18 lbs!
That's her boyfrannnd.  Its hard finding a pic without his face in it! Love ya Mike!
Friends I must ask you...please pray for my brother...he has the crucible tomorrow which is a final test in Marine boot camp...its a field test that involves sleeping outside, simulating combat courses, very little sleep, 2.5 meals (ready to eat meals) and it lasts 54 hours.  Please please keep him in your prayers!! It would mean so much to me.  Do we have any military peeps here?!?
It's like a family I am discovering...
and lastly I am LOVING all of you!


  1. I'm not used to seeing your bestie's eyes look so normal. Haha Kidding, she's beautiful. It'll be neat to read a post from her. You could just crop the guy out, yanno. ;) They really match!

    1. I could crop him haha!! They are great together...yes she has an awesome post written out I cant wait to post it!!!

  2. I just became your 100th follower. Whoo, hoo! Now I will celebrate with those fantastic sweet potato tots you posted. Must find them!

    1. Awee YAY!!! Thank you Kristen!!!!! My day is complete now! Yes girl go get ou some, they are delicious!!!! I am going to the grocery store to get more tonight HAHA. I had some cold for lunch and they were still freakin amazeballs!

  3. OOH I need to find that dressing!!! Yummy!! and the sweet potato tots!! I love sweet potatos and tater tots, so those have got to be Delish!! I will pray for your bother!!! Our 15 year old son came home last week telling us that he had decided that he wanted to be in the Marines!!!


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