Tuesday, April 2, 2013

New to Me Food!

Well well well.  I have had a odd day to say the least.

I was late to work.

Turned down for being 8 minutes late to the DMV.

Couldn't find a huge piece of important paperwork for work and of course its still lost. 

Didn't even get to go to my Uncle's funeral because my boss was in such a foul mood I was scared to leave after how things have went today. 

HORRID I tell you.

Not to mention the dog is STILL not found.  WHERE IS MY DOG?! 

She is such a sweetheart it makes me crazy to think of where she is or what she is doing!?!

Ok so breakfast was insane.  I had brought oatmeal to fix but I was scared to make it because I was running late to work so I ate a luna bar instead. ugh.

220 cals
523  cals
This sweet and sour chicken was so good.  I think they have new packaging.  Also I had the rest of the roasted broccoli.
Then later on after dealing with my work crisis that isn't over I had a soft peppermint for 20 cals.
Then later on I went home and had these 2 really good chicken sandwiches from weight watchers smart ones.  These are new to me and I highly recommend them. 
639 calories
I didn't really eat that orange it was bad.
I put half an avocado with some hot sauce and salt and pepper (made like guac) on the chicken sammie with some red onion too. SOOOO good.
Then I wanted a sweet....but I did NOT go for Easter candy yay!
165 cals
Aldis fit and active almond cereal with 2% milk.
That's all she wrote guys, I hope tomorrow is a better day than today was!


  1. When I saw the pic of your dog, I was hoping that meant you found her. :( Sorry you had such a crappy day, especially to miss the funeral over a ticked boss. Ugh. Turning to just a peppermint was pretty amazing! Lol

  2. God bless your bad day :(
    Hope you find your puppy soon!!!!
    Your food is making me hungry... gotta go ;)

  3. And I thought I had a craptastic day yesterday! Still praying for your baby and that you have a much better day today.

  4. I hate days like that at work! Sorry to hear about your Uncle.
    Hope you find your dog soon.


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