Monday, April 1, 2013

Hell Week

Well guys I wanted to give you an update on here and a plan for April.

This has seriously been a week from hell.

At the beginning of the week a sweet lady from my home church who taught me when I was little died out of no where basically.  She has kids younger than me and it was completley unexpected and horrible.

Then later this week on thursday was my dads birthday and I ate a bunch of crap for dinner.  After that we went to see Uncle Phil who was in the hospital for lung cancer.  Pretty sad sight.  Also visited an Aunt in the same hospital who wasnt nearly as bad off though.

Then Friday went to the lady from church's visitation.  Her funeral was saturday and I was not able to attend because of work.

Friday after the visitation I am on my way home and Hubs tells me that my dog has been missing all day.

I have had her for eight years and she is my BABY.  I was a wreck.

We looked for her all weekend while I stuffed my emotional face with easter candy and JUNK.

Uncle Phillip died saturday.

Sunday was a blessed day at church because for once I felt at peace in that building, celebrating the reseruction of my Lord Jesus.

Later that day we looked for the dog some more and we havent found her.  We tried contacting animal control all weekend however they were closed due to Easter.

This morning we found out she is not there.

I feel utterly hopeless.  I keep imagining horrible things that could have happened/be happening to her right now. 

She was the absloute sweetest dog you have ever met.  She litterally HOPS around in the driveway when she is happy to see you pull up.  She doesnt even bark regularly. She was my baby. 

We have put up filers, talked to neighbors, drove around and around the neighborhood (we live in the middle of no where by the way), hubs has walked all through the back woods, we have even put it on facebook and craigslist.  I keep thinking awful thoughts like what if she is in a whole somwhere just stuck and literally starving to death!?  Like i cant even think about it!!!!!!!!!!!

Now I have to work and try to function without crying.  Not to mention everything else just sucks lately. 

But enough of the bad.  I saw a horrific number on the scale this morning that has shocked me into submission. 

The Plan for April

1. Track every single day.

2. Take pics of everything I eat and show it on the blog.

3. Blog EVERY DAY even on weekends.

4. Weigh in every Sunday morning and record it on the blog to you sunday night.  There will be no daily weighing.  I need a break from that and I need to put it in a weekly perspective just as an experiment. 

5. I am also going to workout at LEAST 3 days a week and try to make it more.  I am going to try to set up some reward type system for myself.

 I hope you all join me in getting healthy and fit this April.


  1. I am very sorry about your week. Definitely super bad. I hope your sweet doggy comes home soon!!!! Not knowing is the worst! Sounds like you have a really great plan. (((hugs)))

  2. Hugs to you! Hope things get better soon!

  3. Awww what a hard time you've had! "hugs"


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