Monday, April 1, 2013

A boo boo

Hey there guys. 

Well after a crappy start to the day it ended up ok.  At least I stayed under 1500 calories and ate good food.

Breakfast was Rachael Rays Instant Oatmal in the cherry berry kind of flavor.

150 cals plus 30 for coffee creamer (if that much)
Then lunch was fantastic.
550 cals
I had a weight watcher Santa Fe rice and beans meal for lunch with half an avocado and a serving of bite size tostitos.  It might have been more than a serving but it was the end of the bag. 
Grapes 104 calories
Dinner was seriously amazing.
I had a salmon burger with 1/2 a mashed avocado (hotsauce and salt mashed in) and a small 5.5 oz baked sweet potato with roasted broccoli. 
Sooooo good yall.
I am loving some avacados lately!
Ok so then for a night time snack I had some popcorn for about 100 cals!
Between dinner and night snack I had like 2 tbsp. Brummel and brown too and counted it on MFP.
Well guys still no sign of my dog but we are going to call another animal shealter we hadn't thought of (we are close to another state and we are going to call its shealter) tomorrow.  So please say a prayer we find her safe healthy and alive!! I am so worried about my baby!
So far so good, and I am staying far away from the Easter candy.  Honestly eating tons of chocolate makes me feel like crap.  I am also going to experiment with coconut milk for coffee creamer and ...SHOCKER...possibly no sweetner.  Not now, but maybe soon, I will let you all know...LOTS of fun interesting things going on this April!
Ok so before I go I am going to leave you with the worst carpet burn of my LIFE!!!!
This is why I cant workout today.  It literally hurts to bend my knee or pretty much just sit here.
Ouch indeed.
Ok night lovies!!!!!


  1. Hi missy! So sorry that you haven't heard anything about your baby. I am still sending lots of prayers and hugs your way. I know that this is very hard so I amazed at how well you did today. Not to mention that horrible carpet burn....ouch! Those are the worst. Good luck tomorrow with the other animal shelter.

  2. Did you fall or crawl around? OUCH! I was so hoping you had found your dog. :( I was gonna text and ask if you had. Good job for staying within cals today. I have also been enjoying avocado lately!

  3. my god what did you do to your knee?!?! I'm sorry, it looks like it really hurts.

    your food in this post is enviable, as always. I can't read your blog when i'm HUNGRY because of all the photos haha

  4. Ouch!!
    I hope you find your baby soon. It's scary when they go missing!
    There is actually a new coconut milk coffee creamer out but I haven't seen it here yet.
    O.k now I want popcorn even though I'm going to bed in 5 minutes <3


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