Thursday, April 25, 2013

Day 15: Best Fraaaand Friday!

Happy Friday my loves!! I hope you all have had an amazing week!  I just finished Day 15! HALF way done with the 30 Day Shred!!! Hollaaaaa!! Ok so YOU my friends are in for a treat, my Bestie in the whole wide world is guest posting for me!  It's best frannnnd Friday! 

April has lost 18 lbs so far on her weight loss journey and she is going to share her tips with you for losing weight on the go!

Hey all you lovely ladies!!!!  First of all I want to say how excited I am to be have a guest post on my best friends blog.  I know how much she loves all her readers so I am in disbelief she trusts me to do this bwahaha jk.  I currently do not have a blog but I am on MyFitnessPal at lovechick8700 if yall want to be my friend ( I love new friends and more motivation). 

So a little bit of background information for yall....did you know me and Lauryn have been friends for 11 years??? Yes I used to see her every morning in 9th grade come into my class to see one of her other friends.  Never did I know that she would be my best friend 4 years later.  We both have been struggling with our weight since high school but finally decided to do something about it in the past year. 

So the topic I want to talk about is eating on the go.  I am in class during lunch hours on Monday and Tuesday and at the hospital all day on Fridays.  This means a lot of quick on the go foods which normally equals processed high calorie foods. I am trying to eat less processed more fresh foods but it is sooo hard!

Anyways normally for breakfast I start off with this.

I literally pour some into a pan and then lay it on a tortilla that I heat for 15 seconds in the microwave and sprinkle some hot sauce on it.  Freakin amazin!!!

Lunch well thats where it gets tricky....I cant heat up a lean cusine in class so normally I will bring some trail mix or crackers to hold me over. Some of my favorite things to get if I have to go to a drive thru is a grilled chicken wrap from mcdonalds or the chargrilled chicken sandwich from Chickfilia.  You cannot beat that sandwhich at 270 calories.  Also I love this brand of greek yogurt.

 Has to be the fruit on the bottom though and they only have about 130 calories so not too bad.

Dinner is where I struggle because I hate to cook for one person so I normally eat a microwaved dinner or a salmon burger.  I will say that these little things are soo good though.  They are 90 calories and have a spicy taste to them and not too fishy.

And my favorite thing I am loving are these little nuggets.

They are 21.1 calories a piece so a handful is not too bad for you and you get your choclate fix.  I keep a bag in the freezer for emergencies :)

I hope that you found something in this that helps.  I love looking for new food ideas.  Thanks for reading!!!!

Thank you so much for posting April!!!
I hope you all enjoyed reading that as much as I did, and April will be back guest posting soon!  If you have any questions for her please leave them in the comments below!
Happy Friday Frannnnds!!!


  1. So cool that April did a post on here for you! Those are some good ideas! I will have to look for the sandwich fish fillets. It is def harder when you have to eat on the go. You can still make good decisions, but it's hard when everyone else is getting fries & burgers! I don't have to get fast food very often, but some days you just don't have time to cook. I like those new larger grilled chicken McWrap things at McD's. I've only had the ranch one, but my brother says the sweet chili one is good too & less cals. I also tried the new flatbread honey mustard grilled chicken sandwich at Wendy's & I thought it was really good too. They must be catching on because Hungry Girl sent out an email telling people how to order them to save cals. Great job on your guest post April! :)

  2. Aww thank you Ashley. You are soo sweet. I want to try that flatbread at Wendy's I have seen it advertised but haven't tried it yet. I had the sweet chili wrap but it's kinda plain for the price. Lettuce chicken and cucumber :(

    1. Yeah the price is pretty high on those for it to be McD's. I tried it when they were $2 for those few days. The ranch one has cheese, tomato, cucumber, spring mix...basically like a salad on a wrap. Wendy's is pretty high too but I pay a lot for their grilled chicken salad so I didn't feel too bad about the price of the flatbread. Places get ridiculous on their prices! You can't hardly eat cheap fast food unless it's bad for you! They need to stop charging more for the low cal stuff.

  3. Where are you lauryn???? I miss you !

  4. Miss you girl! I hope everything is okay!

  5. Good job April!! I enjoyed your guest post!! Love you girls!! Renee


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