Thursday, May 30, 2013

Coupons, Lunch Date & JTT

Who would have thunk that I would pop right up at like 6am this morning?

Not me! 

But I did.

Double coupons up to $2.00 was goin on at Harris Teeter and you know this cheapie had to get in there and take advantage before errrbody else in this lil ole town had at it. 

I actually didn't get HALF of my stuff cause they already HAD at sold out of it!!! I don't need 20 FREE febreezes.  I don't need febreezes to last me till the end of time. Just one.

Ok rant over.

Breakfast was subway English muffin with ham and cheese ( I never get the egg or egg white, its kinda freaky).

And I had half a cup of low fat cottage cheese with unsweetened applesauce and cinnamon sprinkled on top.
Then I had half a pepperjack cheese stick later.
Then it was time for a lunch date with Bestie!!!!
If yall want her to do another guest post (LIKE I DO!!!) please let her know in the comments below.
Aint she Purdy?  She was looking all skinny and tan today.  Playing on that iphone.
Love the one your with, April!!!!
I had a derrrlicious you pick 2.
apple Fuji chicken salad
summertime corn chowder
yummy goodness in my tum tum.
2 dark chocolate kisses (prob 6 more consumed at home tonight!!)
Then I was starving and I had a bag of baked sour cream cheddar chips.
Then I proceeded to eat my weight in fig newtons.
Ok not really my weight. But I did have wayyyy too many.  Prob 10. No joke.
They are FAT FREE!!!!!
Dinner was hamburger helper (that my husband was wayyy to excited about...poor thing, I make him eat too many salmon burgers)
with corn and green beans.  I also made some roasted cabbage.
I am about to fall asleep sitting here. Not really but my eyes are getting heavy. 
Ok so what is your Friday traditions?  Every Friday my mom would either get pizza or a happy meal and maybe rent us a movie.  We would get to play outside and then I made sure my hiney was at that TV by 8pm to watch TGIF!!!  Family matters, Dinosaurs, Step by Step, Boy Meets World...had the biggest crush on Ryder Strong!!!
Who was your childhood star crush?  What do/did you do on Fridays? What was your fave show??
JTT was my fave though. I serrrrishouly thought I was gonna find him and get married!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Fatty Fatty 2X4

Cant get through the bathroom door!!!!



Look at that.

That is the milk chocolate aftermath of a binge on mini chocolate chips. 
This little beast is the DEVIL
Yeah this is basically a "how I gained back 5-7 lbs diary"!!
However uninspiring I am, I continue to gain followers.
Errbody wanna see a train wreck!!!
Ok so breakfast was apparently not filling...
rasin bran and coffee
because around 10am I had a 100 cal pack
Then for lunch I was starving and had 2.00 off at Panera so there I went.
 I had the you pick two, OK not so bad calorie wise! I had the chips, side salad with balsamic dressing (one of Besties faves) and a ham and swiss on rye.
Ok then I had a banana...and 2 tbsp peanut butttaaahh
The thought crossed my mind to not even post tonight.  UGH. SUCH A FATTY!!!
Ok so then I had a 100 cal pack of those stupid cookies you saw yesterday.
THEN me and MR. Notgoodformydiet went to Mexican.
He looks so innocent. Don't let him trick you.  He will talk you into naughtiness in a minute flat.
Texted me talkin bout showmars fish sandwich then we end up at Mexican (ok mex was my idea but whatever).
pollo fundido whatever. should be named pollo thousand calorie-O
I was not impressed with the weird breading on the chicken.
Anyways tonight was our date night because hubs has to work this weekend supposedly. 
So then I came home andateabunchofchocolate.
Now I am feeling headachy, bloated, tired, cranky and I need to wash my face.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Grill Chicky, Maters & Taters!

Hey guys!  Back at it today.  Well. I cant say I did great but it was probably better than yesterday and that is a start LOL.

Coffee and banana on the way to work
special k breakfast sandwich at work!
So I did not get chips at subway but a COOKIE. UGH. Oven roasted chicken sub. #youdontmissthemayo
and watermelon, so so good!
Then later I had a snack
Then dinner was some good grilled chicken tenderloins that we grilled last night with the steak to have tonight. I also picked up some squash from the farmers market, we had green beans and instant mashed taters as well as cut up maters and onions!
It was SOOOOO good!!!
And then I had some angel food cake with some mini chocolate chips, cool whip and about 3 dark chocolate Hershey kisses! I will be glad when these cravings for crap leave me alone!
Oh and I got my Dave Ramsey total money makeover book in from amazon today I was sooo excited and I have already read chapter one!!!
What are you reading right now?  What is your favorite thing to grill?

Monday, May 27, 2013

All gave some, Some gave All

Happy Memorial Day everyone.

If you have been following this blog for any length of time you know why this day means more to me than in years past. Why Independence Day, and Veterans day, and even the American flag means more to me now. 

Cause of this guy...

 My little brother...who is now a part of America's Finest Fighting Force.
He has been on my mind all day. 
I had to work today too, (insert grumpy face).
However, I am very blessed so I tried to make the best of it.  A LOT of other people had to work.  My brother for example has been living in a field, eating MRE's and going through combat training.  So, complaining, what complaining?
Anyways I had rasin bran for breakfast (aldis brand) with some coffee (in my Marine mug from Parris Island, hubby brought that to me special :)

Energy mix
Then I had a 100 calorie chex mix at work.
Then we got chicken for lunch. FATTY plate right there.
Ok I am seriously PMSING and I wanted to stuff my fave with everything in sight.  I had seconds and went back for biscuit bites!  THEN I had a 100 cal pack of cookies and a banana!
THEN we got off at 5pm, an hour earlier than expected which was nice.
I came home and for dinner we grilled steak (I sautéed mushrooms and onions) and we had taters and salad with it!
Desert was...
Yum O.
I was seriously a fatty today but Im not surprised.  About a week before my period I always have like 3-4 days of eating seriously crappy and having no motivation.  Then a few days before, its like I get a second wind and I want to eat 1200 calories and run for miles.  Its weird but whatever. 
So anyways I have been lazy all night!  Thinking about my brother.  Man I so took for granted having him readily available! I just wish he could come over and I could cook him another meal.  Its the little things in life like that that seriously make me happy. 
But for now...these two will have to do ;)

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Date Night for $12.94 !

Ok so on my last post I told you guys I wanted ideas to keep things a bit more on the frugal side.  Well I am happy to report that we had a very nice, yet very affordable date night Saturday!

After I got off work Saturday I went out to lunch with my mom and did some grocery shopping and came home and CLEANED like a crazy person!  I got the walmart energy drink mix that is supposed to be like spark and its AMAZING. I cleaned for like 4 hrs straight. No joke.  And I woke up at like 5am that morning.

Hubby had been working all day (put in 76 hrs this week!) so I had to think quick and be prepared for a low key night at home!

So that is the first thing on my Romance list for hubby...

He loves a clean house...and that was FREE!

Then I made sure I set the mood and had some candles lit...he loves a good smelling house (and I do too!)

They are all bath and body works and I think this one is frosted cupcake (big one) and the little one is French bagette (one of my FAVES, smells just like fresh sweet crusty bread!)
This one is Summertime Smores or something (BBW also) and it smells like the toasted marshmallow!!! (so completely yummy!)
Then hubby came home!!!
Papa Johns= $11.74
Red Box= $1.20
I called in Papa Johns and ordered their special (one LARGE pizza with up to 5 toppings!  I got banana peppers, mushrooms, olives, hamburger (they put HAM on there though!) and pepperoni) for only 11 bucks!!
Then hubby called me at the red box and together we decided on Gangster Squad (with Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone) was just Ok, prob would never watch it again lol)
And then to go with our movie...
Junior Mints were from my Easter basket LOL= Free!
Popcorn we had in the pantry=Free!
...although I have to say, the delivery boy charged me for his trip, I think.
Husband delivery system= $One slice of pizza.
We had a wonderful night and we sat on the couch and talked while we ate before we even turned on the tv.  It was so nice.  I love him so much!
I hope you all had a great weekend!!!
I have to work all day tomorrow (SUCKY!!!) but we should be back to regularly scheduled programing then!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Groundhog Day


That is how my day went.

I went to the DMV THREE times today.




Do you know how annoying that is?

It was for my job.  And I got paid for it.  But still.  That is three hours of my life I cannot get back.

I digress.

Breakfast was a big of SAME as yesterday!

however this time I also had about half a banana with.
The for a snacky around noon I had this...
Lunch was pretty good though...
That is a pepperoni pocket from fit and active (like a hot pocket) with a side of steamed asparagus, a serving of FF sc/onion chips with a cheese stick and mixed fruit.
Then...of course the three hour long DMV adventure was had.
After that I dragged my butt back to the dealership thrilled with joy that I didn't have to go back and had my little treat waiting on me.
I totally skipped the gym this afternoon. Yep. Shame.
Three trips to the dmv and I just could mentally not handle it lol, plus didn't have my water bottle and wasn't about to pay 2.00 or willingly drink from a public water fountain. Especially in my town.
Dinner was the same as the other night, so good!
I was hungrier though because I had a tomato sandwich (not pictured) and some crackers with dukes mayo and shreaded cheddar cheese!
Now I have just planned my shopping trip for the week.  I think I am going to try to stick to $75.00 a week from now on, which is 300 a month which is plenty for me and Jacob.  I want to think of some cheap date nights too.  Let me in on some budget tips if you have any!
Nighty night my loves!!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I'm on a roll......

Dang it feels good to be a gangsta....

HAHA sorry randomly thinking of that song.

Rare form tonight there folks! LOL

Ok so this morning I had another luna bar...

surprise! surprise!
Then I had a new snack...
eggs with salsa!
so good!
Lunch was amazing today.  I had a southwestern grilled Panini from lean cuisine (it really makes grill marks in the microwave, its crazy!) with broccoli and a serving of fat free sour cream pringles (70 cals). I didn't end up having that cheese stick.
Had my little treat again :)
Man my office was like a freakin sauna today!!! UGH I hate being hot!
One of my biggest pet peeves eva.
Another one is repeating myself on the phone to people when they ask for a number or want you to read them something so they can write it down.  I speak loudly and slowly and they still interrupt me half way to tell me to repeat it. ANNOYING!!!!!!!!!
Ok so then I went to the gym and discovered something. 
I am not Mama Laughlin.  Or skinny Meg. Or any of the other awesome bloggers that want to be fitness super stars.  I am sorry if that is disappointing lol. 
However I just realized this week that honestly, I just want to live a healthy lifestyle.  So I am trying to do something I wouldn't mind doing the rest of my life.  Which is 30 minutes of cardio, maybe next week I will use my 5lbs weights two days a week to get some muscle but honestly I want to devote my time to other things that bring me more pleasure. LOL.
Anyways. We all know my biggest problem is EATING. lol.
Ok so on the way home I gave into my cravings and it was HOT and all I wanted was iced coffee.
Parts of it tasted sweet, parts tasted very bland.  It was weird.
And I am not sleepy and its 10:26. Efff.
O well.
Then I came home, showered and ate the most delicious dinner...ever! (yes again)
I am on a flipping roll this week!
Caribbean jerk marinated chicken breast (so good, walmart marinade!) on the George foreman with grilled pineapple and onions, brown rice, and broccoli!
I cannot tell you how much of a party it was in my mouth!  SO delicious. Especially the pineapple and onions and chicken!!!
Then hubby wanted desert so I made this
I made his with a bigger tortilla but I used a small corn tortilla and heated it on the stove in a non stick skillet, then added some canned fried apples (with cinnamon mixed in and heated in microwave) and then made it like a quesadilla. I sprinkled cinnamon on top, drizzled caramel and one squirt of whip cream on mine!
Tommorow is Thursday which means Friday Eve in the English language. 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Best breakfast dinner ever. EVER.

Happy Tuesday loves!

Man we had some crazy storms here today! I got caught driving in it unfortunately! But the Lord took care of me! I was driving down an interstate too...I thought about how Jesus calmed the storm on the boat though and just kept on going!

Those poor people in OK....I cant even imagine.

I was at the gym almost in tears watching it while biking!

Yes I went to the gym. yay. !

So last night (after blogging) my sweet hubby walks in brining me the most beautiful rose he picked from one of our bushes.

And a kiss :)
He is so sweet.
So this morning was the same as yesterday...!
And to answer Katie, yes I think they are more filling than the normal ones!  I was eating it today thinking how it kinda tasted like Reeses! hehe
I actually got them in a pack of like 5 or six at walmart.  But I tried them individually first.  They are good!
Morning snack, again!
Ok so let me explain lunch.  I cooked a salmon burger for hubby last night, who ended up eating bojangles. So I ate it for lunch with leftover green beans from last night, mixed melons and strawberries, a cheese stick AND the cilantro chicken rice from the michelenas lean gormet. 
I was kinda disappointed with this one to be honest.  The chicken was kinda weird and it was nothing near chiplotes LOL.  But they are one dollar so cant beat that...I didn't really eat the chicken in it though, but the whole meal is only 210 cals.
So then I had to run to the dmv and get caught in the rain and all that fun stuff but then later in the afternoon, I had my 90 cal fiber one cookie and coffee.
Ok so then I went to the gym and did same workout as yesterday.
I came home and ate one of these again...
so good!!! only 60 cals!
Then took a shower and fixed dinner!  For just me again LOL
OH MAN was this the best dinner ever!!!
Some time the simplest meals can be the most delicious!!
Ok, so I had a cup and a half of ore ida potatoes o brien, cooked in the frying pan with spray olive oil, then I cooked a scrambled egg and one egg white.  Then I heated in the frying pan, a half cup of turkey sausage crumbles...OH SO YUM!!!!
I had some avocado and salsa on the side!  Also some ketchup for the potatoes.
But I mixed in the crumbles with the egg and sprinkled some cheese on top..
It was soooo freaking good!!!
So low cal too..figure about 100 cal for the egg, 120 for the potatoes, half an avocado, so like 100 something for that, salsa is basically nothing and maybe 25 cals of cheese and the turkey sausage was 70 cals for a half cup!
Then I was talking to my dear mother on the phone about fruit salads and decided to whip one up.  Mom uses cottage cheese but I didn't have any so I used cool whip. lol
2 big spoonfulls cool whip
3 large marshmallows (cut up or mini marshmallows)
2-3 big ripe strawberries cut up
1/4-1/2 cup of pineapple tidbits
Yummy in my tummy.
The marshmallows make this!!!
Thank yall SO much for your sweet comments on yesterdays post, yall keep me going!!!!
And Morgan, you "stalking" my blog is like the best compliment I have ever received!! Thank you!! :)
Thank you all...I love yas!!!!