Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sweet tater tots live on plus new snackage.

Hey loves!!!

I hope you all have had an amazing Tuesday so far.  Today it marks one week until my brother has to go back in to more training :( .  It seriously makes me an emotional wreck.  I don't know how y'all military families do it....

When he is NOT here, I keep thinking about him and worrying about him until he gets here. Then when he gets here I worry about him having to go back and how many precious moments are slipping away ...how much I am actually missing.  I think about how much I will regret not spending those minutes with him when he goes back! He is the only brother I have.  He is the only sibling I have.  I am older and I feel very protective over him and now I feel utterly powerless to protect him from anything.  And the News.  I have quickly learned to stay away from it. 

Anyways I don't want to put a damper on this post so lets get to the food shall we?

I had a pack of crackers for breakfast because I was utterly out of ideas and plans and groceries.
Lunch was this fett. alfredo with broccoli from smart ones and then I had a side salad with about a tbsp. of light honey Dijon and a garlic breadstick left over from last night.  It was very satisfying!
Then I got some awesome ideas from my girl Sam...I ate the whole can for 120 calories as my "desert".
Had this deliciousness around 4pm...another Sam snack haha.
Dinner was salmon patty topped with one slice reduced fat pepperjack cheese and green beans, one serving sweet tater tots, and mushrooms with a bit of Brummel and brown heated in the microwave.
I freaking love those tots.  
Then I still needed a little something...so this is also an idea I got off instagram from Samantha haha. She said she got this idea from her grandma!
Saltine crackers, topped with marshmallow (I heated mine in the oven and added mini chocolate chips-a teaspoon's worth). 
Well kids, that's all for tonight.  Laterz!


  1. I don't know how military wives and kids and parents do it either. I truly appreciate them and their sacrifices. Hmmmm, marshmallow on a saltine. I dunno. I'd probably like it, though!


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