Monday, May 27, 2013

All gave some, Some gave All

Happy Memorial Day everyone.

If you have been following this blog for any length of time you know why this day means more to me than in years past. Why Independence Day, and Veterans day, and even the American flag means more to me now. 

Cause of this guy...

 My little brother...who is now a part of America's Finest Fighting Force.
He has been on my mind all day. 
I had to work today too, (insert grumpy face).
However, I am very blessed so I tried to make the best of it.  A LOT of other people had to work.  My brother for example has been living in a field, eating MRE's and going through combat training.  So, complaining, what complaining?
Anyways I had rasin bran for breakfast (aldis brand) with some coffee (in my Marine mug from Parris Island, hubby brought that to me special :)

Energy mix
Then I had a 100 calorie chex mix at work.
Then we got chicken for lunch. FATTY plate right there.
Ok I am seriously PMSING and I wanted to stuff my fave with everything in sight.  I had seconds and went back for biscuit bites!  THEN I had a 100 cal pack of cookies and a banana!
THEN we got off at 5pm, an hour earlier than expected which was nice.
I came home and for dinner we grilled steak (I sautéed mushrooms and onions) and we had taters and salad with it!
Desert was...
Yum O.
I was seriously a fatty today but Im not surprised.  About a week before my period I always have like 3-4 days of eating seriously crappy and having no motivation.  Then a few days before, its like I get a second wind and I want to eat 1200 calories and run for miles.  Its weird but whatever. 
So anyways I have been lazy all night!  Thinking about my brother.  Man I so took for granted having him readily available! I just wish he could come over and I could cook him another meal.  Its the little things in life like that that seriously make me happy. 
But for now...these two will have to do ;)


  1. I love the pic of your brother on your mantle. :) I had PMS eating!!! It's insane, and for me it's a very real thing! At least you were honest about it! Lol

  2. What a nice post. Yes we should all be very thankful for those who risk everything for our freedom. As always your food looks so good. We did steaks too but I didn't think to do the onions to add to it. Next time. You are so creative with food. Oh and we are all the same way when it comes to PMS eating and sometimes even when I am not PMSing I have days where I want to shove everything in my mouth. Hate those days! I hope you have a better day today with eating...I'm struggling right along with you!

  3. Hey Chicka! I am new to the blogging world and I saw your blog. I love your header -- how did you get it like that?! Also, I have lost weight too, over 100 pounds. WHOO HOO! Keep at it. XO

  4. What finally helped me was following the south beach diet foods and detoxing bad carbs and sugar out of my diet. It is still a struggle, but it is so motivating because you lose pretty quickly and keep it off, and there are so many foods you can have. The first 2 weeks are critical, but very worth it.


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