Monday, May 6, 2013

A Dinner Guest!

Hey loves I actually took food pics today for you!!! I am not doing the calories though but I recorded part of it on myfitnesspal.  Baby steps LOL.

Carrot cake luna bar and coffee ...It was pretty good!
Lunch was a weight watchers ziti with side salad with light honey Dijon
Yummy trail mix from aldis
Dinner was spaghetti and a side salad...with a very special guest...
the baby brother~!!!!
And the sweet hubby...
LOL Love my two favorite boys!!!
Desert was a small piece of a cheese Danish and a very small amount of milk!
We watched the new red dawn, which Jonathan hadn't seen yet, and had a very good night!
I hope you all did too!!


  1. Lol. I started small today, too, girl. :) I know you enjoyed having your brother over for supper!

  2. As always the food looks so good! I'm so happy you are getting some time with your brother in. You have to be so proud. Oh, where did you find the carrot cake Luna bar? I have to try that. Have a great Tuesday ;0)

    1. Girl i cannot remember! I know thats awful but i think it was either harris teeter or walmart!! :) Happy Tuesday to you too and yes I have been thrilled to have him here!!

  3. Nice that you got to spend some time with you brother!

  4. So nice to have more time with your brother! I love how close you guys are!


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