Thursday, May 30, 2013

Coupons, Lunch Date & JTT

Who would have thunk that I would pop right up at like 6am this morning?

Not me! 

But I did.

Double coupons up to $2.00 was goin on at Harris Teeter and you know this cheapie had to get in there and take advantage before errrbody else in this lil ole town had at it. 

I actually didn't get HALF of my stuff cause they already HAD at sold out of it!!! I don't need 20 FREE febreezes.  I don't need febreezes to last me till the end of time. Just one.

Ok rant over.

Breakfast was subway English muffin with ham and cheese ( I never get the egg or egg white, its kinda freaky).

And I had half a cup of low fat cottage cheese with unsweetened applesauce and cinnamon sprinkled on top.
Then I had half a pepperjack cheese stick later.
Then it was time for a lunch date with Bestie!!!!
If yall want her to do another guest post (LIKE I DO!!!) please let her know in the comments below.
Aint she Purdy?  She was looking all skinny and tan today.  Playing on that iphone.
Love the one your with, April!!!!
I had a derrrlicious you pick 2.
apple Fuji chicken salad
summertime corn chowder
yummy goodness in my tum tum.
2 dark chocolate kisses (prob 6 more consumed at home tonight!!)
Then I was starving and I had a bag of baked sour cream cheddar chips.
Then I proceeded to eat my weight in fig newtons.
Ok not really my weight. But I did have wayyyy too many.  Prob 10. No joke.
They are FAT FREE!!!!!
Dinner was hamburger helper (that my husband was wayyy to excited about...poor thing, I make him eat too many salmon burgers)
with corn and green beans.  I also made some roasted cabbage.
I am about to fall asleep sitting here. Not really but my eyes are getting heavy. 
Ok so what is your Friday traditions?  Every Friday my mom would either get pizza or a happy meal and maybe rent us a movie.  We would get to play outside and then I made sure my hiney was at that TV by 8pm to watch TGIF!!!  Family matters, Dinosaurs, Step by Step, Boy Meets World...had the biggest crush on Ryder Strong!!!
Who was your childhood star crush?  What do/did you do on Fridays? What was your fave show??
JTT was my fave though. I serrrrishouly thought I was gonna find him and get married!


  1. I'm all up for a guest post from Bestie. :) I completely know every TGIF show you just named! :) I guess my childhood crush was Doogie Howser, MD. Which apparently wouldn't have done me any good considering he isn't into girls in real life. LOL

    1. hahahaha I LOVED Doogie too!!!!!! SOOO disappointing is he now!! hahah

  2. I'm all for a bestie visit :) I loved me some Fred Savage from The Wonder Years lol! I totes had a poster of him on my wall outta like Teen Beat magazine or some such nonsense. :) Also loved the TGIF line up & HAD to watch all those shows every Friday night or "tape" them lol! P.S I thought Mr. Ryder Strong was a lil hottie too ;)

    1. I loved KEVIN too hahahaah!!! yes Shawn was such a cutie pie and I wanted to look JUST LIKE Topanga!!! loved her hair!

  3. I don't know about popping up at 6am but I definitely have my HT list and coupons ready to get some deals today. I definitely thing you bestie should do another guest post and maybe even your honey? Would he do that? Anyway my Friday tradition has recently become pizza usually made at home and a movie or game with the family. My and the honey are so retarded busy through the week with work and both of us in school it's the night during the week where we can actually sit down, spend family time, and maybe even turn the TV on.

    1. did you get any goodies at harris teeter? I love Friday nights at home too..hubby said he would consider guest posting!! yay! we will have to see what I can get him to do haha!

  4. I love hamburger helper! Been making it because I'm craving it this pregnancy. Your friend looks like you! :)

    1. hb helper is tha bomb diggity!! hahah and thank you I will take that as a compliment!!

  5. Friday was Dallas, baby! Now... Nada lol


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