Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Fatty Fatty 2X4

Cant get through the bathroom door!!!!



Look at that.

That is the milk chocolate aftermath of a binge on mini chocolate chips. 
This little beast is the DEVIL
Yeah this is basically a "how I gained back 5-7 lbs diary"!!
However uninspiring I am, I continue to gain followers.
Errbody wanna see a train wreck!!!
Ok so breakfast was apparently not filling...
rasin bran and coffee
because around 10am I had a 100 cal pack
Then for lunch I was starving and had 2.00 off at Panera so there I went.
 I had the you pick two, OK not so bad calorie wise! I had the chips, side salad with balsamic dressing (one of Besties faves) and a ham and swiss on rye.
Ok then I had a banana...and 2 tbsp peanut butttaaahh
The thought crossed my mind to not even post tonight.  UGH. SUCH A FATTY!!!
Ok so then I had a 100 cal pack of those stupid cookies you saw yesterday.
THEN me and MR. Notgoodformydiet went to Mexican.
He looks so innocent. Don't let him trick you.  He will talk you into naughtiness in a minute flat.
Texted me talkin bout showmars fish sandwich then we end up at Mexican (ok mex was my idea but whatever).
pollo fundido whatever. should be named pollo thousand calorie-O
I was not impressed with the weird breading on the chicken.
Anyways tonight was our date night because hubs has to work this weekend supposedly. 
So then I came home andateabunchofchocolate.
Now I am feeling headachy, bloated, tired, cranky and I need to wash my face.


  1. Aww I love that dressing!! Now I want to go there for lunch tomorrow!!! Girl that was not a pollo fundido where did y'all go?? One word for my after dinner snack: sonic ughhhh bestie

  2. I have a feeling you'll be seeing red tomorrow. LOL And yes, everyone loves a train wreck. I get way more hits off bad eating posts than healthy eating posts. Which makes me consider having a BAD eating blog.. lots of hits and way easier on me. Hahahaha


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