Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Bittersweet Back to Normal

Hey guys...sorry for the absence again.  Things should be getting back to normal.  The brother just left today to go to Jacksonville for training.  10 days passed pretty quickly.

I actually got back on track today, I am very happy with my eating!

This is a Special K breakfast sandwich.  This one is 240 calories, Sausage Egg & Cheese.  It is sooo good!  They keep you full for a while too.

Lunch today was subway oven roasted chicken on honey oat bread with provolone cheese, all the veggies, mustard, vinegar, salt, pepper and oregano.  SO good!  With a side of baked lays.

I chewed a lot of gum today but did NOT snack!

On the way home I stopped and got groceries, feels so good to have a stocked kitchen again!

Salmon burger-170 cals
Instant mashed potatoes-160 for half cup
Then I sautéed some zucchini in olive oil spray with salt n pepper and cut up a fresh tomato.
Such a light and delicious supper!
For desert I had one of these for 80 calories...
I picked these up for $1.99 at Aldis and they are delicious!
I wanted to share a few pics from the weekend with you all!
Saturday me and my mom, aunt and grandma and brother's girlfriend all went and had a pedicure/and or nails done!
Mommy treated me.  Thanks Mommy!!
Then for Mother's Day the brother donned his dress blues per mothers request :)
This was also to surprise grandma at church.
Then we went to grandmas for a lunch get together.
Ladies, that guy in the chair is single. Holla.
And yesterday night we just hung out at my parents with my brother for his last night at home.  Hubby gave him a fresh haircut and we had delicious sloppy joes and hot dogs made by Mom.
Happy (late) Mother's Day to my beautiful mother and all you other Mom's out there!


  1. Sorry you had to say goodbye to your brother so soon. Love his dress blues! :)

    1. thank you staci!!! i know i had tears come in my eyes when i first saw him in them!!

  2. So proud of you for getting back on track. I have not been so good with Mother's Day and my honey's birthday is today so eating hasn't been good. I know you hated to see your brother go but I am glad you got some good time with him. Happy humpday!

    1. thanks girl!!! well just get back on the wagon today and you will be fine!! you looked amazing at your race and I am so proud of you!!! Happy Birthday to your man!!!! :)

  3. Good for you on getting right back on track!
    Glad you had some time with your brother but it's never long enough is it?
    Have a great week!

    1. No it never is :( but thanks Suzi!!!!

  4. Love the nail color! Sorry bro had to head out!


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