Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Snow White

Hola chickas!

Its Wednesday and we are finally over the hump. Man what a week already!  Anyways breakfast was awesome this morning!

coffee yogurt and special k sandwich!
Then I got hungry a bit later and had an apple
Makes me think of Snow White, yo.
For lunch I had a very unimpressive lasagna and salad with sautéed zucchini.
Then I had some strawberries for a snack later on
And for dinner I had a hamburger patty with onions and mushrooms (not pictured) with sweet tater waffle fries and some roasted cabbage.
Definetly had one too many fries tonight...a few of the hubs too. BAH!
And then I had an 80 cal ice cream and a handful of m & m's.
This little miss was so excited waiting for her daddy to get home tonight, I had to take a pic :)
I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday night!


  1. LOVE roasted cabbage... or cabbage anything. And of course, kitties :)

    1. oh girl me too!!! its so delicious!!

  2. Awww! Little cutie Noel! I used to get those Special K sandwiches all the time & then one day I decided to try the Jimmy Dean Delights Turkey Sausage Croissant & it was DELISH!!! I kinda got sick of the flatbread so I just wanted to try something new & the croissant sandwiches were only 40 cals more than the Special K & I LOVE them!!! I think they were a dollar more than the Special K ones at Walmart.


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