Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Best breakfast dinner ever. EVER.

Happy Tuesday loves!

Man we had some crazy storms here today! I got caught driving in it unfortunately! But the Lord took care of me! I was driving down an interstate too...I thought about how Jesus calmed the storm on the boat though and just kept on going!

Those poor people in OK....I cant even imagine.

I was at the gym almost in tears watching it while biking!

Yes I went to the gym. yay. !

So last night (after blogging) my sweet hubby walks in brining me the most beautiful rose he picked from one of our bushes.

And a kiss :)
He is so sweet.
So this morning was the same as yesterday...!
And to answer Katie, yes I think they are more filling than the normal ones!  I was eating it today thinking how it kinda tasted like Reeses! hehe
I actually got them in a pack of like 5 or six at walmart.  But I tried them individually first.  They are good!
Morning snack, again!
Ok so let me explain lunch.  I cooked a salmon burger for hubby last night, who ended up eating bojangles. So I ate it for lunch with leftover green beans from last night, mixed melons and strawberries, a cheese stick AND the cilantro chicken rice from the michelenas lean gormet. 
I was kinda disappointed with this one to be honest.  The chicken was kinda weird and it was nothing near chiplotes LOL.  But they are one dollar so cant beat that...I didn't really eat the chicken in it though, but the whole meal is only 210 cals.
So then I had to run to the dmv and get caught in the rain and all that fun stuff but then later in the afternoon, I had my 90 cal fiber one cookie and coffee.
Ok so then I went to the gym and did same workout as yesterday.
I came home and ate one of these again...
so good!!! only 60 cals!
Then took a shower and fixed dinner!  For just me again LOL
OH MAN was this the best dinner ever!!!
Some time the simplest meals can be the most delicious!!
Ok, so I had a cup and a half of ore ida potatoes o brien, cooked in the frying pan with spray olive oil, then I cooked a scrambled egg and one egg white.  Then I heated in the frying pan, a half cup of turkey sausage crumbles...OH SO YUM!!!!
I had some avocado and salsa on the side!  Also some ketchup for the potatoes.
But I mixed in the crumbles with the egg and sprinkled some cheese on top..
It was soooo freaking good!!!
So low cal too..figure about 100 cal for the egg, 120 for the potatoes, half an avocado, so like 100 something for that, salsa is basically nothing and maybe 25 cals of cheese and the turkey sausage was 70 cals for a half cup!
Then I was talking to my dear mother on the phone about fruit salads and decided to whip one up.  Mom uses cottage cheese but I didn't have any so I used cool whip. lol
2 big spoonfulls cool whip
3 large marshmallows (cut up or mini marshmallows)
2-3 big ripe strawberries cut up
1/4-1/2 cup of pineapple tidbits
Yummy in my tummy.
The marshmallows make this!!!
Thank yall SO much for your sweet comments on yesterdays post, yall keep me going!!!!
And Morgan, you "stalking" my blog is like the best compliment I have ever received!! Thank you!! :)
Thank you all...I love yas!!!!


  1. They had those Michelina meals for 88 cents last week at Kroger. I started to get some, but I remember being disappointed with most of them in the past so just walked on by. I love breakfast for supper! :)

    1. they have a really good sweet and spicy Asian one also the sweet sour chicken is good too...just pair with a veggie or salad or something but man you cant beat 88 cent!

  2. Omg you mentioned me in your blog! You just made my already awesome day! Glad you were able to stay safe today!

    1. haha you are too cute!! Im glad your day is awesome now!! LOL

  3. That breakfast/dinner looks so good! I am loving that you are still posting pics because you give me such great ideas. I am really struggling lately with eating. Come kick my butt so that I can get back on the wagon!

    1. I know sheila, me too! It really helps me keep myself accountable and I need to get back on track with the blogging too! This is going to be a great summer i think!!


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