Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I'm on a roll......

Dang it feels good to be a gangsta....

HAHA sorry randomly thinking of that song.

Rare form tonight there folks! LOL

Ok so this morning I had another luna bar...

surprise! surprise!
Then I had a new snack...
eggs with salsa!
so good!
Lunch was amazing today.  I had a southwestern grilled Panini from lean cuisine (it really makes grill marks in the microwave, its crazy!) with broccoli and a serving of fat free sour cream pringles (70 cals). I didn't end up having that cheese stick.
Had my little treat again :)
Man my office was like a freakin sauna today!!! UGH I hate being hot!
One of my biggest pet peeves eva.
Another one is repeating myself on the phone to people when they ask for a number or want you to read them something so they can write it down.  I speak loudly and slowly and they still interrupt me half way to tell me to repeat it. ANNOYING!!!!!!!!!
Ok so then I went to the gym and discovered something. 
I am not Mama Laughlin.  Or skinny Meg. Or any of the other awesome bloggers that want to be fitness super stars.  I am sorry if that is disappointing lol. 
However I just realized this week that honestly, I just want to live a healthy lifestyle.  So I am trying to do something I wouldn't mind doing the rest of my life.  Which is 30 minutes of cardio, maybe next week I will use my 5lbs weights two days a week to get some muscle but honestly I want to devote my time to other things that bring me more pleasure. LOL.
Anyways. We all know my biggest problem is EATING. lol.
Ok so on the way home I gave into my cravings and it was HOT and all I wanted was iced coffee.
Parts of it tasted sweet, parts tasted very bland.  It was weird.
And I am not sleepy and its 10:26. Efff.
O well.
Then I came home, showered and ate the most delicious dinner...ever! (yes again)
I am on a flipping roll this week!
Caribbean jerk marinated chicken breast (so good, walmart marinade!) on the George foreman with grilled pineapple and onions, brown rice, and broccoli!
I cannot tell you how much of a party it was in my mouth!  SO delicious. Especially the pineapple and onions and chicken!!!
Then hubby wanted desert so I made this
I made his with a bigger tortilla but I used a small corn tortilla and heated it on the stove in a non stick skillet, then added some canned fried apples (with cinnamon mixed in and heated in microwave) and then made it like a quesadilla. I sprinkled cinnamon on top, drizzled caramel and one squirt of whip cream on mine!
Tommorow is Thursday which means Friday Eve in the English language. 


  1. Your supper looks delicious! I used to make a Caribbean jerk chicken and Caribbean jerk pork chop. Not done that in years. I should dig that recipe out!

    1. thanks girl!! you definetly should, it makes me think of summer!!!

  2. Omg I want to lick my phone lol. Your dinner and dessert look absolutely delicious. I use all natural pb and local sugar free jelly, and I may have to try and make make a cinnamon quesadilla with that as the filling!

    1. hahah that is so funny Morgan!! Thank you :) You should definetly try that and let me know what you think!!

  3. Ok you know I love your blog right? But you kill me every morning when I get here and read it because your food always looks so good!!! Ok I love that marinade too but did you just saute the pineapple and onions in a pan or what? I have that same sandwich for lunch today and they are always so crispy and good. I want to add some weights to my running routine too but I have no clue what I am doing when it comes to that. Do you have a plan?

    1. hahahah you ar eso funny!!! Ok for the pineapple and onions...pineapples I cooked on the george foreman in walmart brand olive oil PAM ...BEFORE i cooked the chicken! Just grilled them to get their natural sweet glaze. Then I cooked the onions the same way on the george foreman but AFTER the chicken so some of the marinade was still kinda on the grill...SOOOO GOOD! Ok for the weights...I am going to do some moves i learned on the 30 day shread! I might youtube some too!

  4. I am going to have to find a marinade like that :) I love grilled pineapple. Just waiting to get a new bbq because our old one rusted out :(
    What a great idea for dessert.

    1. its sooo good suzi! hints of lime and garlic :)


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