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Hi! Welcome to Cupcakes & Kickboxing!  This blog has been a dream of mine for quite some time now.  I have been reading blogs for years...planning on doing my own but never taking the plunge.

Finally in October 2012, after successfully loosing 25 lbs I decided to photo journal my meals and my life. 

I have had ups and downs with my weight ever since I was a small child.  Third grade was the first time I really struggled with weight issues and those followed me into middle school.  However in high school, I branched out and became very social.  I got involved at school with Journalism, DECA, FFA, and volleyball.  I made had a lot of friends and was pretty active.  I always felt fat like I think most young girls feel (unfortunately) but looking back I was a very good size. 

I ended up getting married to the love of my life at age 20 and I was just beginning to take birth control and pack on the pounds.

I gained about 40 lbs in our first year or two of marriage.  I was miserable with myself and unhappy.  I didn't want to do anything social where I had to actually go out and look presentable. 
Man it sucks looking for fat pictures...I mean.."before" pictures. LOL
But the day I saw this picture I knew something had to be done.
My cousins wedding day, on a day that I actually felt pretty, I looked like a whale.
Tipping the scales at 218 was the wakeup call I needed.
In the past 6 and a half years I have done Weight Watchers three times.  I was most successful the first time, getting into the mid 190's before quitting. 
I believe it was the end of 2011 before I started doing My Fitness Pal
It was July 2012 before I started taking it seriously.
We had just came back from vacation in Pigeon Forge and I was sick of taking crappy pictures. 
By this point I had came down about 18 lbs but was still at 200, sometimes a few pounds more.
This time I really buckled down.  I started running.  I did a 5k with my brother and bestie that summer.  I was still doing kickboxing a the gym a couple times a week and some mornings I would also go and get on the treadmill. 

Controlling my eating and getting the fast food runs under control was the number one thing that helped me.  That, and prayer.  Yes I prayed about this almost every night.  If we pray for God to help us with everything else, why should our health be any different?
And cupcakes.  Those first couple weeks that I felt super deprived I would reward myself with Mexican and a cupcake if I stayed on plan.  Eventually I figured out that feeling this good wasn't worth splurging on a cupcake every week, and eventually dropped that habit.  People say don't reward yourself with food..BUT when you are dieting, food is all you want! haha.  If that helps in the beginning, do it, just set boundaries.  ONE cupcake not 10!
I quit the Bojangles breakfast habit.  I quit the fries at lunch.  I started brown bagging the food that I take to work and PLANNING what I was going to eat and how and when I would work out.  I am not perfect but I tried to make each DECISION count.  They tell you not to do the Monday Diet for a reason.  No time like the present. 
I weighed in last Sunday at 176lbs.   
I still have days where I don't love the way I look...and I know I'm not perfect.
But I'm SO far from where I used to be.
It's a blessing.
So stick around and share the sweat, the tears and the sweet and sassy southern moments with me!


  1. You are SO cute Lauryn! Congrats on your weight loss success!

  2. You are so honest with yourself! It took forever for me to reach that point. You are brave!! Love this about me page.

  3. You are looking fantastic! Way to go :)

  4. You look great! Love your blog! Just started following you.



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