Monday, June 15, 2015

Day 5- Cheesecake & Grocery Haul

Hey everyone!  Today was pretty on point.  Breakfast was an omelet with mozzarella and sautéed mushrooms.  I am so sick of eggs.  HONEST.  However, tomorrow I plan to make something different :)

So I ran to the grocery store at lunch time but before I left I had 20 peanuts.  I came home with some goodies.  I went to Aldis and Walmart. 
This is what I got at Aldis.  Their stuff is so cheap!  I got salad, green beans, mushrooms, FF refried beans, olives, avocado, cream cheese and meat tenderizer.  I also got vanilla extract. 
This is walmart.  I got 2 drinks, London broil (13.00) but that will serve 2 people.  I got chicken breasts, 4 for over 8.00.  That will be two meals.  One of which we had tonight.  I got turkey bacon and lean turkey sausage. I got a carton of eggs.  I got one bell pepper and cottage cheese.  I got lime juice and sugar free raspberry preserves  I got FF half and half.  I got gum, sugar free jello, no sugar added fudge pops and frozen gortons grilled fish. 
For lunch I had fish that was in my grocery haul with green beans and a salad with blue cheese and olives. 

I was very full!  Dinner was chicken fijitas cooked in olive oil, lime juice and Ms. Dash and salt and pepper.  I did not have tortillas with mine.  I made some guac for us and I am not sure if this is south beach approved but it was fat free refried beans with cheese.  I think it will be fine for me, personally. 
It was very good!
Later tonight I made mini raspberry cheesecakes that I got off pinterest.  They are sugar free and 18 calories of sugar free per cake.  So you would have to take that out of your 75 per day.  I also had a fudge pop.  I used sugar free raspberry preserves to top it so it's debatable whether that is allowed or not.  I think with this little amount its ok for me, I am counting it as the sugar free calories. 
I had two and some nibbles when I was putting them away.  I topped mine with fat free redid whip which is probably not on SB however it has less than one sugar for two tbsp.  I feel like I had a great day eating wise.  Love this desert! Made my kitchen smell heavenly!
What is your favorite thing to eat with fijitas?


  1. When I make Mexican stuff at home, my family always has refried beans as a side. I always stir fry a pepper mix and onions (and sometimes mushrooms) in coconut oil until very tender and have that as my side. Yum. But, I guess if you are having fajitas already, that's kind of in there. Ha! :)

  2. Those cheesecakes look delicious! I'm not so sure I could stop at just one.


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