Wednesday, June 10, 2015

South Beach Diet Starts Tommorow!!!!

Well, here goes nothing.

Tomorrow I am starting the super strict Phase 1 of the South Beach Diet. 

See, when I went to the doctor for my lady parts check up and we talked about my PCOS she recommended the South Beach diet.  I looked it up and saw low carb and was like, nuh, NO THANKS! Not for me! I have lost weight before and still had my carbs!

But something is different now you guys. The older I get the harder it is for me to lose!  Plus, this diet is supposed to work specifically for people like me, and when the doctor suggests something I really should at least give it a try. 

So I got the book.  And I read it.  And it made SO MUCH SENSE.  Especially for a carb lover like me who has sugar cravings, salty cravings, gains weight around my middle-APPLE shape right here yall!! So anyways, it will be tough but I am going to try it.  It is a very sensible diet.  It is more of a good carb/good fats way of eating instead of low carb.  It is not like Atkins.  I am not going to eat pounds of bacon and whipped cream with butter and cheesecake.  If you are thinking about it I highly recommend you to get the book.  You could probably find it at goodwill even! I got mine at the library then bought it at the used book store SO cheap! 

The diet has 3 phases.  Phase one is super strict.  It lasts 2 weeks.  You can go up to 4 weeks if you need it but then you need to move on to Phase 2. In phase one you will eat mostly non starchy veggies, lean meats, lowfat cheeses and you can have 75 calories worth of sugar free foods. You may not have fruit. Phase 2 you introduce fruit back into your diet and whole grains and some good carbs like sweet potatoes.  Think steel cut oats, berries, sweet potatoes that kind of thing.  You stay in Phase 2 until you reach your goal.  Phase 3 is maintenance where you maintain your weight with the occasional treat if you so choose, however lets say you go on vacation and gain a few pounds? Just start back a week or two of strict phase 1 eating and you should kick off those extra pounds.  Honestly guys, I am not a doctor or nutritionist this is just what I have gathered from my research and reading the book.  But I am really excited.  And scared. CAUSE I LOVE MY CARBS! But I really think if I can eat this way then with the Metformin combined I can lose weight and have a healthy baby and pregnancy! This is so serious for me yall, this is not just about vanity, my very health is at stake.  I have to do this right. 

I am going to post every thing I eat again so you can see what I go through every day for Phase 1.  This will also be good for me to refer back to if I ever need to go back to phase one (after like a vacay or something).  I will be sort of eating similar to the way a diabetic eats!  Anyways I went to Harris Teeter today and got my groceries to start me off.  I spent 89 and some change on all that you see here.

I am mostly excited about that diet ginger ale! It is so dang hard to find! Anyways I have been SO SICK this week from upping my Metformin dose.  Seriously if I was not on Metformin I would think I was pregnant.  I was SO nauseous.  I even had bathroom troubles!  Seriously you guys it was bad.  It was so much better today but I am keeping it on hand to be prepared. 

I am not going to go by the diet it lays out in the book but more by the list of approved foods.  I am taking their ideas and suiting it to my needs. 

I will be back with Day 1 tomorrow.  I also have to weigh tomorrow. YIKES.  But I will show yall what I am eating.  It will be 3 full meals and two snacks plus a desert.  Anyways have yall tried south beach or know anyone who has? I probably would not try it if it wasn't so important to my health.  But even the librarian was telling me how it works! Lol, so that is encouraging!  I hope you all are doing well! 


  1. I did the South Beach diet as a teenager when my doctor recommended it. I don't think I was as dedicated as I could have been. Good luck!

    1. Cool!! Let me know if you remember any good recipes :)

  2. I am looking forward to seeing your daily food posts for SBD. That'll be interesting! You can do it!


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