Monday, June 1, 2015

Smoothies, Flowers & Pitas..Oh my!

Hey everyone!  Happy Monday!

Mine was pretty good, but I am dog tired with still so much to do and its after 11pm!

I got up and ended up going for an hour walk, followed by shopping at Trader Joes.

This is the banana blueberry smoothie I made for breakfast.

I got Grandma a bouquet of flowers  from Trader Joe's and dropped them by her house on the way home.  Today would have been her 69th wedding anniversary if paw paw was still alive. 

The sweetest couple EVER! Love them so much. 

Anyways.  I grabbed me a pita at the Pita Pit that just recently opened near me.

It was really good!  Low calorie too!

For dinner I made me chicken tacos with trader joes low carb whole wheat tortillas.  I used a bit of their light cheese and then greek yogurt for sour cream.  Also smeared a bit of hummus on one and it was really good!

I took the trader joes white corn puff things to book club with me and I seriously ate too much.  I know I did.  It was probably less than 300 cals but still.  I had the calories though so that was good LOL.  I actually did really well today!  I was very pleased. 

I hope you all had a great Monday.  What did you have for dinner?


  1. We had grilled BBQ chicken legs, corn on the cob, and "green fries." It was delish! That was so sweet of you to take flowers to her like that. :)

  2. How sweet to bring your grandma flowers. :) I love Pita Pit! I usually get the chicken breast. The best part is the warm feta cheese. Yummy.


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