Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Day 7-Breakfast Fail

Week One. DONE!

Yall.  I cannot believe I have completed 7 days of this.  Not that it has been seriously hard but there have been times that I have seriously been around a lot of food that is out of my boundaries and not had any SUGAR!!!!! Or white bread, potatoes, etc. of any KIND!!!! Im pretty excited. LOL.

This morning was a complete and epic fail of the taste buds or cooking skills, cant tell which.  I made my pancakes again but they were UGH gross. I could not eat them they tasted too much like eggs and I am not a huge egg fan to begin with. 

That is how much I ate when I decided to give up and just eat cottage cheese out of the carton.  Filled me up though.
I was not very hungry at all today. 
I ate breakfast around 11am (slept in way too late).  I don't know why I cannot get up in the morning! I have been so sleepy lately! Probably the no carbs. 

I had 20 peanuts.
I had lunch around 3pm and this is what I ate.

I made a big gallon of unsweet tea today and I have been loving it with a splenda type sweetner and lemon! SO good tastes almost like the real thing. 
For dinner I made London Broil.  I am not sure how I feel about it though.
My mom made it when I was a kid and I remember liking it a lot more than I do now! I will have to ask her how she prepared it. 
We had green beans, sautéed mushrooms and cauliflower with it.
I also had a cheese stick and 25 cal sugar free popsicle earlier in the day. 
For desert I had two of my little sugar free cheesecakes. 
I also realized I forgot to put in a pic of my dinner last night so I am going to edit yesterday's post.  I hope you all are enjoying these updates, I am really having a great time blogging something new! 
Have you ever had London broil?  What are your thoughts on it? if you have any tips for me let me know!!!


  1. The only way I have ever cooked london broil is in the crock pot with about a cup or 1 1/2 cups of water mixed with the dry seasoning packet of Lipton onion soup mix and whatever veggies. Usually carrots and potatoes but I've heard you can sub radishes for potatoes. I cook it on low overnight usually 8-10 hours. It's always been delicious that way for us. Mom always made it that way and there's tons of flavor in that seasoning pack. I also add garlic powder, s&p.

  2. I'm not even sure what London broil is! I will have to check it out. I do know that I like to take tenderized round, covered it with a can of the "healthier" cream of mushroom soup, along with a few mushrooms and onions- and bake for an hour at 350- oh my goodness it's so good. But maybe not allowed on your diet?

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