Thursday, May 9, 2013

Hot Dog Deliciousness!

Hey loves! Sorry this post is a little late getting up but I was at Mom's last night visiting!

Ok so yesterday I had waffles because we are low on groceries and I didnt feel like eggs or oatmeal.

Had it with some light syurp drizzles.
Then of course I had to have a yogurt when I got to work...I have been trying the besties fave kind and i like it, its not nearly as tart as normal!
Then for lunch me and the brother met up to eat at D'Moes which is a great little spot in town that is known for their amazing hotdogs.  I had never been, Jonathan suggested it and had a coupon so off we went!
I was overwhelmed with all the choices so I went with what my brother suggested, the 6-D'Moe's Original: Wrapped in Bacon, D-Moe's Mustard sauce, Texas Pete, Onion, Jalapeno's & D'Moe's Blue Cheese Coleslaw. 
It did NOT dissapoint!
I also got a diet pepsi and sweet potatoe fries! SOOO DELICIOUS!
Blue cheese coleslaw yall.  That is what got me!!!
And I got to talk to this sweet boy!
We had a great time!!!


  1. Yayy more time with your brother. That food looks so good. I always want waffles but I need something I can take and eat at work and we can't have a toaster so they would be soggy. The other day I was off so I made a lighter strawberry shortcake thingamajig. I love strawberry shortcake! I took the multi-grain waffles we get from Aldi, mixed some strawberries with Splenda, and used low fat whip cream and it was so good....and under 200 calories. Win win! Just thought I would get you an idea since you have given me so many!

    1. ohhh girl that sounds SOOO good!!! I am going to have to do that!!!!


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