Monday, June 3, 2013

Menu planning & peanut butter toast

After a weekend of laying around with Aunt Flow, a crap ton of ibuprofen, and a heating pad on my stomach I am happy to say that my cravings for junk have left the body.  Until next month at least. LOL.

Yesterday I had raisin bran for breakfast, munched on some crackers, and then Taco Bell for lunch.  I was upset about something last night so for the rest of the day I had nothing else.  This morning I woke up and I finally felt like my body was back on track.

Breakfast was in a rush:

A piece of aldis honey wheat toast with aldis natural peanut butter (pretty good!)
This kept me full for like literally 3.5 hrs, until I had a snack around 12. 
Cottage cheese with unsweetened applesauce and cinnamon. YUM.
Then for lunch I had a weird but healthy combo.
Ziti (aldis fit and active-300 cals, very tasty)
raw carrots
celery with PB (although it mostly licked the PB off)
energy drink mix-love this stuff
Then I went about my exciting day...
and around 4 ish I had this...
Josephs mini pitas (found at walmart near the deli counter) 50 cals each, soooo cute and tasty
One tbsp. of cracked chilli pepper hummus for 25 cals
DELISH!!!! Filled me up so I wasn't like starving for dinner when I got home.
Came home..made me and hubs dinner.
3 crunchy tacos made with ground turkey
Fat free refried bean dip (just beans spread on a square glass dish with a bit of cheese, onion, jalepenos, & black olives baked in the oven for like 10 mins or so-watch it-on 350.)
This was soooo good.
I caught myself going in for more bean dip with broken chips and decided it was time to put it under water and dish soap lol.
So then later on I had a choco snack.
2 dark chocolate kisses
100 cal pack
Oh and I love my little menu thingy that has helped me stay on track!
I pretty much just googled free printables or pinned it, cant remember, I was trying both, and found this for free.  I love it and I color coordinated everything.  I also grocery shopped for two weeks.  I spent 39ish at walmart and like 78ish at aldis.  Not bad, I want to keep it under 300 for the month, this includes toiletries, makeup, EVERYTHING!
One thing me and hubby have decided to do to save $$$ on paper products (because home girl can go through some paper towels-and hand towels for that matter) is get extra napkins when we eat out.  So when we went to taco bell we grabbed some extra.  I actually put it in a BBW's candle holder and it fits nicely. This way I can use them when I am cleaning the kitchen counters or bathrooms and not waste paper towels like crazy, ALSO they can be used for their original purpose, NAPKINS. lol
Just thought I would share what we are up to in that department, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  I think me and hubs are going to try to plan more fun things to do this summer, I am excited!  Love you all.....xoxo.


  1. Hey girlie! Glad to hear that you are feeling better and back on track. I have a calendar like that too on the fridge that I put the menu for the week on and breakfast ideas that are quick. You know I'm frugal so I like the napkin idea! I also do that with Splenda when I go out. Have a great Tuesday!

  2. I am currently upset because I made a weekly meal list and now can't find it anywhere! And my memory is failing me! Ahhhh! Lol

  3. I always make menu plans, shop for it, then don't stick to them. lol, not a good habit! Keep up the great work!

  4. You are the cutest! I am here to support you getting back on track! Ps I think you have really pretty hands! Keep up the great work!


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