Wednesday, June 12, 2013

In the Game

Wowzers!  What a wonderful Wednesday!

Yall...I did 5 MILES today !!  Yippe!  Granted, this was a walking dvd but its really more like aerobics.  I definetly could feel the calorie burn!  One whole hour of working out :) YAY!

Ok so breakfast was...

Some sort of brown sugar oatmeal pack...we are getting drastically low on groceries LOL.  But I love shopping only once every two weeks so far!!  I really put in an effort to make things stretch..
Lunch was great!  I had this lean gourmet meal that was just spaghetti and meat sauce so I had a side salad with romaine lettuce, (which I bought instead of pre packaged lettuce this time, because it LASTS SO LONG!) onion, tomato, spicy banana pepper rings and sliced black olives. I also had a diced boiled egg on there too.  I put a few croutons on too. 
Then later on I had some nice cold crisp grapes.
And then the last of this kettle corn...its the Acts II brand and if im not mistaken I got it at the dollar store??? But I could be wrong, however it was either there or walmart LOL.  Its so good and only 160 cals for the whole bag.
And then dinner was late due to my big walk-a-thon haha but hubby wasn't home to give me the look
because he had to work late.  So anyways I made the Annie's Butter & Parmesean spiral mac and cheese and it was SO good!  I had a salmon burger (threw some texas pete on it after pic) and broccoli.
I also had 5 Hershey kisses.
I am SO tired now yall so its off to bed, I hope you all had a wonderful Wednesday too!!!


  1. Good job on food choices and getting in 5 miles today! Thanks for letting me know about the popcorn too lol. I think you are really getting your mojo back!

    1. thank you honey!!!! I hope so !!!! lol


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