Sunday, June 23, 2013

My Top 10 Motivators

Well another miracle has happened yet again.

I officially suck at blogging, yet have gained another follower.

Must be my beloved inappropriate use of #hashtags and absence of healthy eating and exercise.

Gets em every time :)

Haha. Just kidding. And thank you to my new followers!!  I guess I am going to have to hop on the bloglovin train here shortly due to the impending death of google reader. SUCKY. Just when technically challenged me was getting used to it.

Anyways I was pondering today.

Oh a Bestie Birthday weekend re-cap is in the works.


I have been trying to watch youtube, read books and pin motivational things all morning and its got me thinking.

WHY am I gaining weight and not being successful?

Well lets see.

I pretty much eat what I want, (even though HOW I eat has changed since my weight loss) and I don't exercise. Yep that's probably why I have gained back like 7 lbs.

What seperates me from the people who wake up every day and get to the gym in the morning and eat well and come home and get a good nights sleep?

Now lets be realistic for a minute. 

I know its not possible to be a health nut robot 100% of the time. 

But 80% ?


I could do it.

Its called discipline.

I forgot what I was. 

I have been eating/lazy like the prodigal son here.

Just being honest.

Its been almost a year since July 9th, 2012 when one day I just decided I was DOING it and not looking back.  Im happy that Im still leaner and fitter and weigh less...but disappointed in how much time I have literally WASTED.

I could be at goal weight right now instead of sucky settling for less weight.

So many people have inspired me. 

It can be done. 

I want to finish this and finish this strong.

THEN I can maintain.  But not now.  I don't want to just "maintain" right now.

I do not want bad habits to slip back in. 

What is something that motivates you?

Here are my top 10 motivators (in no particular order)  because I think we all need a little reminding at times:

1. Pictures of myself from a few months ago--loosing weight, proud of myself, fit, energetic.

(this was from my wedding dress challenge)
Sometimes the bad pictures, have the same motivational effect as well...
2. Magazines & Books-Fitness/weightloss related.
3. Youtube videos, such as this one:
Love this girl! Watched her a long time.
4. Reading blogs.  Some of my fave bloggers are on my blog love tab and some are not. I need to add more.
5. Planning a vacation!
I am one of those types of people that HAS to have something to look forward too. I love the thrill of planning the whole thing from hotel, to restaurants to entertainment and it makes it so much easier to pick that broccoli over the mashed potatoes (because we all know it really comes down to little decisions like that everyday) knowing I want to be wearing my cute outfit to _____ when we go do _____. 
6. Reading motivational quotes like this one that is on my facebook page that I'm pretty sure I found on my pinterest. Which in case you aren't on, you need to go click on!
7. Coffee.  Nothing makes me want to get up and move more. LOL.
8. Girls I admire.  You know there are plenty of women who you admire for the way they dress.  Maybe what they wear, how they act. Their lifestyle, their bodies. And you kinda want to be like em.  Maybe its someone you know...maybe its Reese Witherspoon.
9. New Music. This is my favorite song right now and it makes me want to get up and dance or run.
And I like this one too...
And finally...
10.  This guy.
Because he is the love of my life.  And I want to live a long and healthy life.  And look good naked.

What motivates you??


  1. Great post. I have to keep myself motivated every day and some of the things on your list are things that help me, too. You also gave me a few new ideas, like going on you tube. I'll have to check that out... thanks.

  2. WOW this is totally me!!! Although I can't say I weight that much less.. I have been losing and gaining the same 5-10 lbs over the past year... Back at it tomorrow... We can do it!

  3. Great post - I'm right there with ya girlie! Finally getting back to blogging after a little hiatus, it feels good to be back! You can do it - believe in yourself :)

  4. Love this post and I am struggling with the same issue lately. It's like I can't flip the switch back to being motivated. Today is a new day...hope you have a great one!

  5. You are awesome! You can do this girl! I have found you have to find your "soulmate" workout. Seriously I found Jazzercise and LOVE IT! LOVE IT! I WANT to go workout. I crave my workouts and LOVE it the entire time I am there. When I exercise, I feel good and make better food choices. Plus, I burn like 700-900 calories per workout!! Yeah freakin awesome! That is an hour well spent. I am building muscle like crazy and getting toned and losing weight like NEVER before! Try it just once! Anyway, I love you and your blog! Annie


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