Monday, June 24, 2013

A Delicious Day!

Hey loves!!

Thank you all so much for your sweet comments yesterday, I love sharing really motivates me haha.

Anyways! Speaking of motivation I just got a fitness mag in the mail today! YAY!

Ok sooo last night after feeling like a complete fatty yesterday I went to walmart and loaded up on healthy goodies.

Then I meal prepped last night.

Today I feasted on healthy goodness.

Ok breakfast!

fit and active turkey sausage English muffin with cheese and egg.
Not very good. I took most of the turkey sausage off.
The yogurt was ok.
Oh by the way, I did a complete overhaul on MFP and changed my real weight back and set new goals.  THEY sat my cals at 1200 which I am at today except I didn't count my coffee creamer. WHATEVER. 1200 is insane for me right now so getting in that was pretty awesomesauce.
Beautiful crisp red bell pepper slices, 5 olives, and a boiled egg WHITE only. With only a few dips in that roasted red pepper dressing.
Lunch was a smart ones chicken parm, which I am not a fan of. The lean cuisine chicken parm is mucho better, fyi.
And I had some broccoli, obvi.
So then later on I had to run a few errands.

OH! I got a crap ton of water in me today. Yesss.
Maybe that's why my hunger was so controllable?  I felt very in control today, if you know what I mean.
I like it when I control the food and not the other way around!!!
Ok so next SNACKAGE was...

Ice cold juicy sweet watermelon!
I got a mini watermelon (I aint tryin to be all dirty dancing up in walmart) for 2.88 and it was the perfect size and price and I came home and cut up half.  That is about a third of the half.
I came home and made a pizza pita that came to only 215 calories. I love these Joseph pitas. Go getchu some.
After being a big grump and saying he didn't want NOTHING for dinner, hubby's nose lured him into the kitchen where he sweetly asked for me to tell him how to make one.  I, of course made it for him. LOL.  Nice slice of humble pie, babe :)
In his defense, he is on a random third shift time change for work and he was going to have to leave soon.  He also said his tummy was hurting and he had ate earlier.  None the less, he was a grump.  But I always say ladies, the way to a man's heart is through his stomach :)
Ok I also had a whole can of green beans on the side.
I put a bit of aldis brand of cant believe its not butter in the green beans for a bit of flavor, didn't count that either because I did not drink up the green bean juice out of the pot. Ha.
So then for desert I made a parfait that I got from Weightwatchergirl1.
Sugar free chocolate jello pudding, graham cracker crumbs (1 tbsp.) and a bit of banana.  The graham cracker crumbs MAKE IT!
Then I still had cals so I had a half a pita with roasted red pepper hummus and watermelon yumm.
 I attempted popcorn but my ghetto microwave burned it.
What was your favorite thing you ate today?
Mine had to be the pizza!!!!


  1. Well I made spaghetti which is always a fave thing I cook BUT, my mom had given me some cucumbers from their garden & I had some of those today with some ranch dip I made using the Hidden Valley Ranch Dip packet mixed with a container of Daisy Light Sour Cream....delish! I could eat those cucumbers with just some s&p all day but they were soooo good with the dip. I mixed it up in a bowl & put it back in the sour cream container so I wouldn't have to wonder how long it's good for & I've been eating a lot of broc, celery, & carrots since I made it. Ahhh, I wish I had a garden!

    1. i wish I had a garden too!!! If we ever buy a house that is one of the first things I want to do!!! that dip sounds good, I used to make it and stopped, I need to again!!

  2. I'm gonna have to look for those graham cracker crumbs! I think I'd like it w/ vanilla sf pudding...kinda like banana pudding....YUM! I've done that before by crumbling up like 1 or 2 vanilla wafers & layering it with banana & vanilla pudding & it was sooo good!

    1. yumm!! oh and girl I just used a graham cracker that I smashed with some big kitchen spoon thing haha. But I counted a tbsp. the same as the crumbs in MFP. LOL!!

  3. I am out of town this week with my parents, so there's no need to list the details!! LOL Glad you had a GREAT day today!

    1. thanks girl!! I miss you!!! come back soon!!! :)

  4. I bet water was key for you feeling in control... days that I get tons of water in then I definitely don't eat as much. If I don't get my water in? Look out because I'll eat everything in sight... LOL! Great job!!

    1. I really think it was too Erin!!! Thanks so much, oh and I got tons more in today!

  5. So happy that you had a day back on track...and got water in? Wow! I am sitting here eating my watermelon right now. I love it! I do a breakfast sandwich with the sandwich thins from Aldi, the egg cooked like how you taught me :), turkey bacon, and the low fat laughing cow type cheese at Aldi. It is very good and a little over 200 calories.

    1. that sounds sooo good! a breakfast sammie really fills me up! I need to make them more!! watermelon is seriously my fave fruit I think!!!

  6. Good for you. It's a great feeling when the day has gone well and you've stayed on track. Let's see... the best thing I ate today would have to be the garlic hummus sandwich I had for lunch. I don't know what it is about hummus, but I love it... yum.

    1. that sounds really good. girl my husband is addicted to hummus!!!


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