Sunday, June 9, 2013

Gas station snackage and plans

Hey loves! Sorry I have been MIA this has been pretty cray! But this morning I weighed in at 180.6 which I am NOT happy about. So I have decided to take this slow...and see if I cant at least get to my first goal by the end of the summer. I am back to weighing everyday. It keeps me accountable and in check. So...along with weighing everyday I also want to TRACK everday. I may (and did today) go over calories but it makes me think twice about what I am eating and I have totally gotten out of the habit of logging and its showing. I feel bloated and not skinny. When I was at 175 I felt fantastic, and that wasn't even goal. It will be hard but I want to at least be at 175 within 21 days. It takes 21 days to develop a habit and for the next 21 days if I track everything, I am going to reward myself and buy a candle online that I really want. So that is the plan! Oh and I wanted to show you the gas station snack hubby got for me tonight. He is so sweet. All of it was only 250 calories! Hope yall had a great weekend!! What's your favorite snack right now?


  1. My favorite snack right now is the kitchen sink. Seriously. Ugh. Sorry for the 5 lbs, and it's totally amazing what a difference 5 lbs can make in how we feel. I am also feeling yucky and nasty and fat and bloated at this point. Blah. Sounds like you have a good plan. :)

    1. dude i was 183 when i woke up this morning!!!! this has got to stop LOL!!!

  2. Girl I am so feeling your pain right now. I am up again after a bad weekend of a few drinks, food truck rodeo, a cupcake, and just bad eating. It's so hard to stay on track on the weekends!!! I was all set to do good today and get in my run and none of it has happened today. I went to bed late so didn't get up early and run and have made bad choices after getting all the way to work and forgetting something so I had to drive back home and was late. Yeah so today has been real blah so far. I am hoping that you have a great day today and track!

  3. My favorite snack right now is probably nuts... walnuts, almonds, cashews... yum. By the way, I love your blog. It's so fun and full of energy. I got such a kick out of your 'about me,' too. Owner of handbags and handguns... cool... Jesus girl... super cool. I'm following you now.

  4. I've been sooo bad lately too. Like the last 2 weekends I have had 3 day crazy bad days. They were really busy, running around weekends but I could still have done better. We went out of town Friday & I ended up doing bad all weekend but we're back home & luckily I had something to cook tonight so we wouldn't have to go out. I def don't do as well when we go out & this is why...I get sick of the "healthy" choices that are my go to options at certain restaurants & then end up making bad decisions because I tell myself if I'm gonna have to spend good money, I should really enjoy it. Plus I want to get FULL & I can do that when I fix the meal. That is why I must cook at home! Anyway, back on track today thank the LORD! :)


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