Monday, October 22, 2012

Operation Wedding Dress & 30 Day Challenge!

Happy Monday everyone!

I know you are all biting your nails in suspense as to what Operation Wedding Dress & the 30 Day Challenge is but you will have to wait till the end! :)

Food first!!

Ok, let me just tell ya'll.

How good did it feel going on vacation 25 lbs lighter?? Um. In a word...Amazing. 

I know I am not at goal but it felt SO good to FEEL pretty and FEEL like I looked so much better than normal.  I enjoyed where I was and who I was with and what I was doing and didn't feel like a beached whale.  It was awesome. 

Ok, SO on to breakfast!

250 calories
The usual suspects this morning: my waffles, whipped peanut butter, and banana!! With coffee in the Alabama (ROLL TIDE ROLL!!) cup and water! Good as always.
Lunch rolled around and I knew I wanted more than just my tuna.  I needed some soup.  So I had to go to the bank and picked up a soup at walmart. 
This is just the normal heat and eat chicken noodle soup but I LOVED IT! It was so tasty and the noodles are short!! SO cute and easy to eat!! And only 140 cals.
436 calories
Soup, Tuna kit and strawberries and water :)
Then around 4 I got knawy...thats what we call HUNGRY here in the south. Haha.
I popped some Aldi's Fit & Active popcorn.
110 calories
And yep, filled up that water bottle.
When I got home Mom came over and we went to do our walk. 
Back home it was Lasagne for dinner!
440 for the Lasagne/140 for the Breadstick
and also had a side salad with 1 tbsp ranch, olives, onions and shreadded cheese
70 cals ranch/28 cals cheese/25 cals olives
And I capped off my sweet tooth with a mini bite size milky way.
It was a great day on plan!

Ok now on to Operation Wedding Dress!!
This is ME on my wedding day....November 18, 2006
I was around 175-180 lbs I think. 
I want SO bad for that dress to fit. 
I have not tried it on. 
Having gained over 40 lbs after I got married I never really tried my dress back on, not wanting to be disapointed.
I knew, that it would break my heart not being able to put it on. 
I am telling you that, to tell you THIS.
I am going to put that dress on this comming November 18th.
I am going to take a picture. 
I want it to FIT!!!!
SO stay tuned for that!! I want to tell you all that I worked hard this year and that it fits and that I am back to the size I was (or SMALLER!) when I was married to the love of my life!
I will share more wedding photos when it gets closer to my anniversary :)
I know you all cant wait :)
Muwahah. Ok sorry.
Man, I love that boy.
Ok! SO. Now on to the 30 day challenge!!!
My dear friend Staci at, writer of Staci's Slimdown (her journey on weight watchers) is starting a 30 day challenge on her blog to get her kicked into high gear for the next 30 days and invited us to join her!
I have been reading Staci's blog for a while now and I love her.  She is a very good friend of mine and I just have to join in on the fun!!
So this is how I will be participating: Water.
I will drink my 8 servings of water everyday for the next 30 days.  The challenge should end on Thanksgiving.  Ya'll this is something I struggle with!!
I am just NOT a naturally thirsty person. 
But I know how good it is for me and how well my body responds when i am drinking the recomended daily ammount of water every single day.  So I am hoping this will really help me!!  You guys should do it too!!! Make your own challenge for the next 30 days and check out Staci to see how she does hers!! 
Thank you so much...each and everyone of you.

You motivate me.  Inspire me.  Encourage me. And keep me going
And I appreciate every single comment, every single follower, every page view, and every new friend on myfitnesspal. 
I appreciate YOU!! Thanks :)


  1. I love reading your blog & now love it even more after seeing that your a bama fan!!! ROLL TIDE!!

    1. Haha aww thank you!!!! My husband was born and raised in alabama and is HARDCORE!! LoL so I am a bama lover as well!! :) Glad to meet fellow crimson tiders! LOL RTR!!!

  2. Oh geez... now I REALLY better do good on my challenge! ROFL, kidding. Thanks for the shout out. :) I have had fun watching your followers list grow. Your dress was gorgeous and you looked amazing girl, so pretty! You are so close to being back to that weight again. I know you can do it!

    1. Aww thank you for the compliments, I am pretty close I think...i really hope it fits so i can box it up!!! LOLOL. GIRL you can totally rock this challenge I KNOW YOU CAN!!!!! :)

  3. You look gorgeous Lauryn!! You will get back into that dress. I know you haven't tried it on but you have to be close with the 25lb weight loss. I struggle getting my water in too. I hate it so I use the packets and just chug it down as fast as I can. I have been getting my 100oz a day in lately but I feel your pain. I have never used myfitnesspal only LoseIt. Have you tried both?

    1. Awe thank you Sheila! You are so sweet! I think I am pretty close to fitting in it but I want to fit perfect! Or looser hahah!! I have never tried looseit really, but i LOVE mfp!!! you should totally try it, it rocks!!

    2. Ok I downloaded MFP and am going to try it and see how I like it compared to Lose It. How can I add you?

    3. Yay!!!! Look for me under like searching users, my name is lauryn86. Although if you are having a hard time tell me your user name and i will find you!

  4. You are one of my favorite commenters on my blog! I appreciate you too! :)

    Look at you all beautiful on your wedding day!! Can't wait to see you in that dress again.

    1. Awe that is so sweet of you to say Alissa!! I have been reading your blog since probably May 2011!! I love it!! And thank you I really hope I get back in it!! :)


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