Saturday, October 20, 2012

Extreme Fatty

Happy Saturday everyone!

Did you think I would post a recipe and not follow up with you all ??

Of course not :)

I am super tired. Probably due to eating like a fatty tonight. Ugh.

Yeah I may or may not have went over my calories by 423 calories today.....


Whatever. Im over it. Back on track tommorow!

Breakfast was cereal and coffee and a cheesestick that seems like a lifetime ago right now. LOL

Then for lunch after a long morning at work....sigh...
Lean cuisine bbq chicken pizza and salad with 1 tbsp ranch 5 olives and cheese.
Mom and me did go on a walk luckilly! And she brought me and hubby a halloween treat :)
Pretzles, a cute note pad for the fridge! And that little mock chinese container filled with candy!

I did some grocery shopping and cleaning and made taco soup. Scroll down for the recipe !

I ate WAY too much of this soup. 

I ate WAY too many (4) mini chocolates. Bad lauryn. Bad.

See those chips?

They are halloween chips.

For 1.49 at aldis they rock.
Ok that's it.  If you are my friend on myfitnesspal then you can see what an extreme fatty I was today and how exactly I went over 423 calories. Whatev's.  Tommorow is a new day :)
And almost all of my candy is gone now.
So that helps.


  1. Tell your mom she is losing bonus points on your blog by bringing you junk too often. LOL Just kidding. Your taco soup looks great. I used to make it a looonnnnggg time ago, like when I only had 1 kid! I obviously need to retry now! :)

    1. Haha she is a mess!! Chocolate pie and candy! Spoils me she does :) LOL You definetly need to make the taco soup, i think everyone has their own version but its such a crowd pleaser!! I defiently ate with my eyes and not my stoumach tonight!! bad!!!!

  2. Are my eyes deceiving me---is there now a QT in Charlotte??!

    1. Haha there is one girl!!!! :) We love it! Right now they have any size coffee, hot chocolate, cappuchino for 69 cent!!! It rocks!! lol


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