Wednesday, October 24, 2012

New Flavors, Princesses & Soup

Oh Happy Dayyyy!!!

Tommorow is thursday! Which is friday eve!!! :) Hoo-rah!!

We have made it over hump day and day 3 of my water challenge! Let me just say all 8 servings are in and I have actually not drank any diet sodas this week! Not that Im trying not to...but I dont have time for them when I am trying to drink my water. HAHA.

Ok so anyways! Breakfast was a challenge this morning. 

I wanted my egg salad again but didnt want to completley bore you all.

Now that's love

So I ..ahem...took one for the team and grabbed up something different to go along with my egg salad on bread (1 piece)!

Ya'll just had to twist my arm didnt you? :) A McDonald's fruitand yogurt parfait it was along with my large coffee/3 creamers/4 splendas.

Ok...I cannot find the picture ...apparently it didnt upload. AH I am so sorry :(

BUT it was 323 calories. :(

Photo FAIL.

Anyways. I do happen to have a picture of lunch! Which I didnt get to eat until like 2pm and I was starving like a mad woman.  Busy Busy today. 

484 calories
Ok...I ate all this for less calories than a mexican pizza at taco bell. 
Or a big mac.
Lays light chips, spinach artichoke chicken lean pocket, strawberries and soup!
Then I had to run an errand around 4 and was feeling overwhelmingly sleepy and tired.
For some reason I have just not been sleeping good.
I feel like the princess and the pea.
Have yall heard that story? The princess sleeps on like a ton of matresses but can still feel the pea at the very bottom and thats how they know she is the princess or something? LOL She is all bruised the next morning!!
Well I am not bruised but I have not been sleeping well!! 
Poor hubs has been having to get up around 4am for work and going to bed earlier than me. Sometimes I get woken up random times in the morning when he is getting ready for work, so that might have something to do with it. 
I said all that to say this. 
I went and got an iced coffee from McDonalds lol. 
60 calories
I was pleasantly suprised to see they had a new sugar free one!! French vanilla. So this is a small, by the way.  I was not pleasantly suprised however, to see it was 30 cent extra
Why is is restaurants think that making something healthy makes it more valuable? UGH. Whatevs. I paid it. 
Came home from work and went on a walk with mom.  Its been weirdly hot latley, like 80 degrees today!! Makes me ill. I want my fall weather back-boots, scarfs, sweaters....
But oh well, can't complain!! Being able to see and feel and experience the weather at all is a blessing Im sure I take for granted!!
I was tired after our walk so I got subway for dinner.
6 inch turkey on italian bread with american cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, olives, onion, bell pepper, banana peppers and carrots. Also honey mustard and salt and pepper.
SUBWAY HAS SOUP!! Ours never has had it and now they do !!! YAY!!!
One cup of broccoli and cheddar soup and also some light lays.
605 calories
Me and the hubs chatted about our day and I am getting a bit sleepy.  I finally have book 2 of the hunger games so i think i will go read!!
I hope you lovelies I have a wonderful night & a teriffic thursday!! :)


  1. I go the long way around getting to the point, too. LOL Our Subway doesn't have soups either, but maybe they will soon now!

    1. yes check them! i was plesantly suprised!

  2. Try the chopped salad's @ subway, they are AHAMAZING- you will never eat another salad from anywhere... its amazing what you can do with them!

    1. oh cool~!!! i saw an advertisment for them!!! i will have to try soon!!!

  3. Look at you being all adventerous for breakfast. I stayed within my calories but didn't eat so good in the afternoon. On my way to class I actually did have that Big Mac you were talking about :0(. Of course I hated myself afterwards for it. I just get a craving sometimes for a you?

    1. Hahahah Sheila that cracked me up!!! The one day I shun big macs! Hahah YES I totally want a burger!! Especially here latley i have been craving them!! No harm girl,once in a while is not bad!!! :)

  4. Just want to let you know thst I love your blog!

    1. thank you Becky!!! that is SO sweet!!! :)

  5. I have nominated you!

  6. Yum, I love Subway soup! I haven't seen it at any of our Subway locations yet this season. I asked for it on a cold summer day but they said it is seasonal.

  7. Mickey D's Vanilla sugar-free iced latte is delish! And I also wonder why you have to pay more for healthy stuff!! It just aint right! Congrats on the Liebster award! Your blog totally rocks!


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