Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Day trip to the Mountains!

So last night as we are sitting at home hubby tells me...would I like to go to the mountains tommorow?

Would I?

Are you kidding me?


So.....we did!

He wanted to us to get to see the leaves and do something fun!

I am all over some leaves and funness ya'll!

So this morning we got up around 8 am and got ourselves ready pretty quickly.

We decided to eat a late breakfast when we got into the mountains so we grabbed some coffees at the gas station for the ride up there.

I am pretty lucky considering I live 2 hours from the mountains and about two and a half hours from the beach.  My town is not the coolest thing but Im pretty close to some cool things. LOL.

It was super cold this morning!

We finally got into Boone and drove to Cracker Barrell because we were so hungry!!

We had to wait about 20 minutes for a table.  I was determined to stay on track even though we took a mini vacay!

770 cals
Ok guys this is what I did.  I got the Old Timers Breakfast!
It came with eggs, hasbrown caserole OR fried apples, a meat, grits and biscuits.
I asked for EGG BEATERS (no additional charge), TURKEY sausage, hasbrown caserole (77 cals for 3.4 oz's in my fit pal) and I asked for butter on the side.  I put one pat of butter on my grits, ate NO GRAVY, and had two biscuits.  I put a little bit of strawberry jam on the biscuits (like half a little pot) and one pat of butter. 
It was so good and filling!!
So then we went riding around downtown Boone, visited APP state, and went by the Tanger Outlets in Blowing Rock, NC. 
Ahh...Tanger. My old friend, we meet again :)
Except their mall stinks compared to the tanger in Pigeon Forge/Sevierville.  LOL.
Their only redeeming quality is they have a Coach outlet.
However me and Hubby found a couple things on a great deal at Aeropostale and I found two things for like 20 bucks at Banana Republic outlet. 
We sprayed on some free perfume/cologne too. Woot.
Gettin out moneys worth thats right.
Haha. Then we went to THE BLOWING ROCK. 
Apparently there is some old Cherokee legend about two indian lovers and the guy is torn between his woman and a war and he jumps off the blowing rock and she is so sad.
Well, the indian dude comes right back up to her.  Apparently the air blows upside down there and you can even see upside down snow!

In case your wondering, its true. The part about the air at least. I felts it. :)
It was 6 bucks to get in and you get to walk around it and you could actually picnic there!
It was such a gorgeous day today!! We had so much fun there taking pictures.  Unfortunatley I am having a difficult time getting them on here but I am trying!

Here's a favorite of mine with the Hubs on a rock!
He is so presh. I lurves him.
Ignore that dude in the background photobombing my beautimous pic.
And finally me...
We had such a great time today!

I love having spontaneous romantic trips with the Hubby :)

On our way home we stopped by a little mountain roadside market and got some apple cider and boiled peanuts! Yum...

Around 6pm we got into town and ate some mexican at our favorite restaurant.

661 calories
I had chicken and steak fijitas. Suprise suprise. LOL.
I ate about 2-3 bites of beans, the lettuce and tomatoes, most all the rice, all the fijitas (except some onions) and half a flour tortilla. And chips and salsa too :)
We had such a fabulous day-cation yall!!

I hope yall had a great weekend and I hope you all have a great week!!! Happy Fall!!!!


  1. Love the photobombing comment. That is hilarious. Okay, off to order midnight Mexican now. haha, kidding. Looks great! I love that CB offers turkey sausage now. I was so happy to find that out!

    1. Hehe!!! LOL it was so good girl. I was SO dang tired when we sat down to eat mexican. LOL But the CB is awesome for offering that AND eggbeaters at no additional charge!! I love it, and they have sugar free stuff!!

  2. You look great! and good job @ cracker barrel, I would of have to of been rolled out, love me some cracker barrel. I live in the heart of the Adirondack mountains- we do hikes often!

    1. Oh girl I bet that is gorgeous!!!!! I would love to live closer to the mountians one day!! Haha girl, you are talking to the girl who used to eat 4 or 5 biscuits along with my meal at CB!!! hahah thank you so much for the compliment!! :)

    2. I love your post- you remind me so much of you! I just bookmarked your blog!!!!

    3. aww thank you girl!! i appreciate that SO much!!! :)

  3. Ok, I think you are my long lost twin! I love Cracker LOVE it! I haven't been since I started trying to lose weight but I would always get the Old Timer and you know I am a country girl so I have to have the biscuits and gravy. Not sure how to work that into my calorie budget for the day. I'm pretty sure that meal is over what I am allowed for the entire day :0(. Glad you and your honey got to get away you deserve it. I love little trips like that. We are close to the beach in Wilmington so we sometimes do that for the day but I have to plan a trip to the mountains soon. Have a great day!

    1. Hahah hey twin!!! hehe GURL. I love CB too. Like seriously. Now, the reason I allowed so many cals is bc i combined my bkfast and lunch into...brunch! haha. We ate around noon. But seriously girl the turkey sausage is SO good!!! ANd if you eat just one biscuit it's 133 cals less...AND i also included creamer/coffee 62 when you shave some stuff off it becomes edible calorie wise!! LOL Definetly get yourself to the mountains soon its SO fun and a cheapie trip!!! :)

  4. What a fun day! I love trips like that too. :) You look so cute, BTW!

    1. Awww thank you Alissa!! :) We did have a great time!!


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