Friday, October 19, 2012

Cupcakes & Chinese

Happy Friday Loves!!!

I hope you all had a wonderful day!

My friday was pretty good...even though I had to eat soggy waffles about 1.5 hrs after I toasted them. But oh well. I didnt want them to go to waste!  Instead of peanut butter I used this little guy...

This is a peach spread the Bestie brought me all the way from Boone's Plantation in Charleston, SC.

Yes, the place where Ryan Reynolds & that Blake Lively chick got married :)

It's 60 cals a tablespoon and I used about that much. 

I had some strawberries to round it out with my coffe & cheesecake creamer.

271 calories
I know some of you cuties have been spreading pumpkin fluff on these babies! Good idea!!
Finally I got to leave for lunch after a crazy busy morning! I went to the library because the second Hunger Games book was there waiting on me!! Hollaaaaa. Peeetaaa. haha.
I was totally excited for that.
Ok so then I had to go to the bank and I stopped inside Subway to get me an overpriced & overrated grilled chicken salad.
422 calories
In the mix: Lettuce, Spinach, Mozz. cheese, onion, bell pepper, banana peppers, tomatoes, olives, salt n peppa and grilled chicken and cukes.  I used one little cup of sweet onion sauce and one little cup of honey mustard and two packs of the captian wafer style crackers.
With water.
No snacking today folks.
Plus I was really busy at work. 
Anyways by the time Hubs got home I was ravenous and so was he. 

We went to one of our faves: Red Bowl.
It has all kinds of asian foods and we usually get a bento box. 
564 calories
I got the sesame chicken with white rice (I never get fried rice anymore and I love white just the same), I also get the side salad instead of sushi-with ginger dressing on the side, which I DIP in. And a spring roll.
I barley used any of that ginger dressing.  I left 3 chicken pieces and some rice. 
It was delicious.
Then we did a little shopping :)
I mean, we were at the Mall and all :)
First I had to head into Bath & Body works.  They were starting to put out their Christmas candles and they hooked me up with a coupon so I HAD to buy something :)
I LOVE the new formula they use for their body wash now, so I got the Warm Vanilla Sugar which has new packaging for some reason.  And we picked out a candle that smells like Christmas, Christmas & Clove I believe it's called.  And I wanted a Candle holder. All for 11 bucks and some change, not bad.
Then I found some shoes for work that I need BADLY at Belks on SALE! Whoop whoop.
So off to The Sugar Shack it was.
Cute little cupcake place in the mall :)
202 calories estimated on MFP
This is CUPCAKES and kickboxing after all right?
So what I did absolutley no kickboxing this week!

At least I had a cupcake, people. Come on. :)
It was brown sugar with vanilla buttercream and spice cake or something. 
It was very yummy. 
I made hubs eat a lot of the cake part because I mainly want the icing.
I knocked most of that brown sugar off too.
Because I mainly want the icing. 
I hope you all have a great Saturday!


  1. The icing on anything is da bomb! No kickboxing? That's it - rename your blog! LOL Great deal at B&B Works!

    1. Haha !! I know right, it needs to be Cupcakes & the Lazy Girl Adventures!!! hahah here latley anyway!! I know I love me some bath and body!!! :)

  2. I am blown away at how well you do with eating out and staying on track. I go and im like, "well I don't want to ruin the experience.." lol! I just got a chasmere glow candle and lotion from Bath and body, its like a off beat of vanilla. wonderfulll

    1. Hahah girl i SO used to be exactly like that!!! Now if its something I can basically NEVER have except like once a year I will eat it guilt free!! But if its something I Know i can have again I really try to be mindful. The longer I am on this journey the easier it gets!! Sometimes I realize I only want a taste and I try to stop when Im full. It sounds juvenille, but it took me a LONG time to get to this point! LOL...yay for B& B works!!! that candle sounds amazing!!!


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