Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Christmas Cups & Searching for Side Salads

Well hello there beautiful people!!

I hope everyone had a fabulous tuesday...yes?

Mine was pretty good. :)

I started out the morning at McDonalds getting coffee. And they have their new Christmas cups out now!! Yay!!

335 calories
It's the little things ya'll...LOL.
Breakfast was coffee, 2 creamers (it was 3 but I didn't drink all of it) a banana and an egg salad sandwich on my Nature's on Whole Wheat bread. 
Insert funny story: All my life we ate Bunny Bread. It was your standard yummy white bread. One day my mother was educated by some magazine apparently which told her bread companies were bleaching bread to get it white.  She switched us to brown bread. I hated it. Was SO mad. Now, its all I buy. LOL.
Then when lunch came around, I remembered that when I was in a mad dash this morning grabbing my lean cuisine pizza so I could make it to McDonalds and work on time (lol) I had told myself I would just grab a side salad for lunch to go with it. 
So now I had to go search for a side salad. Normally I would go to wendys...but I thought heck, why not try mcdonalds again? So I did. Dissapointed, I was not.  It was pretty big and yummy because I got my fave southwest dressing. And cheaper than wendy's, a big $1.07.
484 calories
Salad, pizza and strawberries.
After 4 I knew I would need something to tide me over while I went to kickboxing after work so I had some chocolate covered pretzles (100 cal pkg).  Ya'll have seen them before and my phone was dead so no pic. Sorry. lol.
I finally made it to kickboxing! It was a great sweaty hour!!
Hubby had supper cooking when I got home. Yay for hubby!!!
We had Parmasean Talapia from Walmart, sweet potato (with brown sugar, marshmallows, and spray butter) and green beans. It was soooo good!
548 calories
It was a great day on plan today !!!
And dude...according to MFP I burn over 800 calories in an hour of kickboxing.  That rocks.  If your gym doesnt offer it, or you dont do gyms, I recomend Jillian Michael's kickboxing fast fix dvd. 
AND I am thrilled to report all 8 servings of water have been consumed. 
Arent ya proud of me?



  1. Good girl for your water. :) Hey, no shame in going to McD's twice... probably a whole new shift of workers by then! LOL That is amazing to burn that many calories, wow. Night!

    1. Yay thank you! hahah, its not easy for sure but im workin on it! I know...i love the burn of those cals!!

  2. Seriously, if i went to order a coffee from mcdee's in the morning, my mouth would blurt out "3 breakfast burritos and a hasbrown, and a large coke" while my mind was thinking coffee or latte. ahhhhhhhhh. you go girl!

    1. haha oh i know girl! good thing is they have calories posted now but still...Normally i have to stay away from drive thrus, like if i was ordering a whole MEAL it would be so hard not to get fries. They are my WEAKNESS! lol

  3. Love that pizza! Congrats on getting your water in for the day.

    1. Thank you Sheila! Yes the pizza is yummy!!

  4. Everyone thinks McDonalds only offers unhealthy food... they really have some good salads and "snack" size options. I love their fruit and yogurt parfait too.

    1. So true alissa! I love the grilled chicken sandwich/salads too!! I had a parfait today actually haha!!

  5. You know my EXTREMELY health conscious mother made me eat grain bread all my childhood and I used to love sleep overs at friends houses because I got to eat white bread! haha

    I love grain/wheat bread now and eat it all the time, but nothing beats a nice, fresh, crusty white roll!

    1. Oh i KNOW girl!!! even now if i have the chance to eat it, i love white bread toast, or pb & j on white bread! LOL even though i dont buy it!!

  6. Wheat bread is just so good!! And it has actual fiber in it and that helps fill us up. Love your blog and your stories about your childhood. Keep'em coming.


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