Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fat Girl Day

 WARNING: Although this is a weight loss blog you are about to see some disturbing images which may provoke certian cravings in you and I am not responsible, should you continue to keep reading.

Dont say I didnt warn you!!

Today was not a good day to be a healthy person. 

Let's discuss some contributing factors to overeating today:

1. I am not 19 anymore and clearly cannot stay up past 11pm without yawning through the next day.

2. It's almost time for TOM. Which makes me want to eat everything in sight as well as things on television, the internet and magazines. 

3. I have been excercising unsually more for the past three days lol. those are my excuses as to why I wanted to eat ALL DAY TODAY

What the crap is up with me???

Ok so this morning, I sleepily went to Mcdonalds.

I had a plain english muffin with half a tbsp peanut butter.  The plain one is like 140 calories i think and the jam is 35 and the pbutter was like 37 or 38 calories and i had a coffee with 2 creamers/4 splendas and a fruit parfait, i never eat the granola on top so its 120 cals. 

Then I had to go to walmart on my way home from work so it was lunch time and we all know we will spend 50.00 more in walmart if we go in hungry.  So i went to taco bell and got 2 crunchy fresco tacos and one fresco soft taco.  470 cals.

Ugh cannot find the picture. Sorry :(

So then i did some shopping, dropped off some stuff to the local food pantry and a friend of mine who knows a single mother in need.  Now is a good time to go through your cabinets, I found a whole bag of stuff that we just havent ate, still within date that I could donate.  Our local pantry was in desperate need this week. 

Then I went to the gym.

Ah, yes the ONE redeeming factor to my fat girl day.

Fat girl runs on the treadmill and burns 309 calories in 45 minutes.

Then I come home and my mother comes over to walk with me. 

She brings us rotel dip/fritos AND some delicious coconut bar concotion she has made up and has no idea how many calories it is. Thanks mom. 

LOL I love her though.  She used to NEVER make this stuff when I lived at home. Now she BRINGS it to me. LOL But i do like trying it, lol...cant say I dont.  It was AMAZING.
And AMAZINGLY......this is all I ate.
It was sooo hard to stop yall. LOL.  See its better for me if i stay away from that stuff all together. lol
I stuck it in the fridge to give to hubby.  Me and mom agree that things cold in the fridge are way less appatizing that out on the counter at room temp.
Then I cleaned house even though I am EXHAUSTED.
OH. I forgot to tell you. I came home ravenous from all this cardio and ate a small bag of fritos and about a tbsp of frito dip (weight watcher cream cheese and rotel)
Woah I think i stopped posting calories a while back. Sorry guys lol
So then me and hubs got in a mild *disagreement* and *discussed* our *opinions* while randomly eating leftover buffalo chicken dip. 
Im telling you.  My fitness pal is not pretty today. 
THEN we decide we love each other and want little cesars. 
What? Isnt this how all married couples make up?
I had 3 pieces of cheese.  One was consumed in the car on the way home.
No shame.
THEN just to end the night in full caloric glory, I took another bite of pizza and ate a mcdonalds apple pie, which in case you are wondering is 250 calories, with some cool whip. 
I ate my exercise calories. And STILL went over 479 calories.
Oh well.  It's that rollercoaster called life kids. 
And tommorow is another day. 
And I will count calories and continue my battle of the bulge like I do everyday Pinky.  :)


  1. I hate HATE to burst people's bubbles. But with peanut butter you actually get way less for that amount of calories. I weigh everything I eat and I was shocked how little PB you actually get for the serving on the jar.

    Guessing portions can be dangerous! That's all I am saying.

    Not trying to preach, it's just advice I was given back in the beginning that really helped me!!!

    1. You are probably right, I do "eyeball" things a little too much!! But it was definetly less than a tbsp...i think! LOL

  2. You keep Mcd's in business, girl! LOL At least you're able to find low-cal options there. You just posted that LC because I can't have it for 22 more days, didn't you??? As much as you have been exercising lately, and esp with TOM coming, I think you are FINE to be over by under 500 today. In fact, I wonder if it will jolt your metabolism and give you a loss. :)

    1. Hahah i like how you think staci!! wouldnt that be nice?!?!? LOL!!! Sooooo Sorry i totally forgot you gave it up for thirty days, all i thought was haha staci loves little cesars! LOL SORRY!! (bad friend!!) Its not that great though really. And there was barely any cheese on it. I hope that helps lol. I did warn you though! hahaha

    2. Well, lucky for you I tried LC cheese pizza one time and wasn't impressed. That is the only flavor you are allowed to post pics of, mmmk? LOL, kidding. I never get your replies by email anymore AT ALL. Not sure what is up with that because in the beginning I did. I have to come back to your blog each day a second time and check for any replies you've made to me. Just FYI.

  3. Some days are just like that aren't they!

  4. Oh Ms. not beat yourself up over one day. Remember my Big Mac day recently? It's so hard to stay on track when "disagreeing" with your honey and it's even close to that TOM. You have come so far and I am incredibly proud of you. I'm sure you had a much better day today.

    1. Awe thanks so much Sheila! You are such an encouragment to me!! I always appreciate your sweet words!! :) You are right and I didnt do too bad today, so hopefully it will even out!

  5. Both Saturday and Sunday were not good eating days for me! It's a good thing today is a new day :)


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