Friday, October 5, 2012

A Fantastic Friday!

TGIF ya'll!! I am so glad that Friday is over LOL.  I don't know about you, but  I am ready for a break this weekend. Anyways! I have to say I think today was pretty good, as far as eats wise. Not perfect, but within my calories allowed. I call that a success!!

Breafast this morning was a plain bagel, (which you probably won't see any more of, they are gone now) with some horseradish mustard and two slices of black forest ham. I was in the mood for savory this AM.

 And I actually did not eat that fruit cup. #FruitveggieFAIL
And then we celebrated some birthdays at work, so that means cake. It wasn't a cupcake but it was tasty. All 310 calories of it. Ahem.
Which in hindsight it was probably good I had that cake because I didn't get to eat lunch until around 2pm. I made it a healthy one. Subway club with cheese and mustard on wheat bread with my fave 75 calorie Lay's Light chips. It was tasty.
I may or may not have had a few icing swipes from said cake. However no other snacks were needed today :)
Then I came home and my Mom and I went walking about 2 miles.
I love her.
We had decided early on that we were going to make tonight a fish night. My husband works for my dad and they are out of town tonight so we went to one of our favorite places and got the Weight Watcher's broiled canadian flounder with a baked potato and a side salad with ranch. I had about half the ranch and put a bit of brummel & brown on the potato. I ate around 4 hushpuppies and gave the rest to the dog.
It was yummy and really filled me up.
Well I hope you lovelies had a fantastic friday and check back tommorow night for a post! :) Have a great night!

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  1. Icing is the part that gets me EVERY TIME on a store bought cake. It's so stinkin' yummy! Not sure why, but your bagel breakfast sounds so good to me right now. :)


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