Saturday, October 6, 2012

Date Night!

Happy Saturday!! Today, like every saturday, I have to go into the office for a few hours.  I got up, got ready and made me some waffles with sugar free suryp.

It was pretty yummy. I was very pleased with the waffles & they have only 140 cals for two! Great stats I thought.

Then I was in definete need of some caffiene, so I stopped by McDonalds and got a large coffee with splenda, a whopping $1.07.
After a fun 3 hours at work I came home with an empty stomach and decided to have a Mesquite BBQ chicken pretzel bread hot pocket with the last of my veggies (that I bought and dont particulairly care for) with a small ammt of shreaded cheese on top.
And before heading out the door to Wal-Mart I had a 100 cal pack of chocolate covered pretzles.
Later, my Honey bear came home and so Date Night it was!  We decided to go eat Mexican. I had about 900 cals left so I figured with fijitas I couldnt do too bad. And yes I had some chips.
My fijitas were amazing. Chicken & Steak. I didnt eat all the beans (which it was actually a pretty small ammount of beans and rice anyway) and I try not to eat the sour cream. Im sure I got some of it, but I dont really care for it so I dont miss it.  I ate most of the fijitas, but left some onions and tomatos.  And I was given 3 flour tortillas but I ate only .75 of one :) Go me. Woot.
It was funny because one of my old teachers and his family sat right beside us, it was good to see him!  Me and hubby had a good time eating and getting excited for vacation comming up next month. Oh! I almost forgot, I finally purchased a new hairdryer today! Mine is on the fritz bad...but I did get a good 4 years out of it so I really cant complain. This one was 18 something at walmart, plus tax. Not bad and its super cool looking!
Alright lovelies! I plan to end today under my calories!!! As far as my calories go, for now I am not going to post how many calories everything is unless you specifically want to know (just ask me in the comments) and if you would like to see my food diary, please feel free to friend me on my fitness pal, I am lauryn86.  Well I hope all of you darlings have a good night!  We might watch a movie or I may just read, we are so exciting :)

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