Monday, October 15, 2012

Rainy Day & Chocolate Pie

Well we made it through another Monday! Yay! Thank you Lord!

This weekend was so stressful for me, I almost welcomed comming in to work today. 

My husband and I are sitting here and he just declared he wants a Pumpkin Muffin and a Pumpkin Coffee. I will pretend like I dont hear this. Husbands are sabatogers for weight loss sometimes. Can I get an Amen?

Ok Anyways. I hope I didnt send many of you into pumpkin convulsions. Just stay calm and make some pumpkin fluff. :)

Breakfast this morning was : Waffles, PB, Banana. The usual. Sobe life water-fuji apple pear=0 cals.

307 calories
I was fine until around almost 2pm, seriously ya'll it's SO filling!!
I had lunch around 2 which was a lean pocket pepperoni pizza, light chips, and strawberries.
384 calories
I took about ONE or two bites before a customer interrupted me and it sat there for 15 minutes getting cold. Seriously. Ugh.
After my cold lunch, I had to deal with about 30 other crazy things and then around 4ish I got hungry and had a 100 calorie pretzel pack.
100 calories
Then I came home and my mother was supposed to come and walk with me.
The *naughty* woman shows up with CHOCOLATE PIE. You read that right. Don't blink.
Homemade. Chocolate. Pie.  The. Best. Ever. Chocolate. Pie.
298 calories for 1/8 of the pie
That larger slice is hubs. I PLANNED on handing him the plate and running out the door after I had one bite of my small piece.  NO. Fatty me ate the whole small piece there, except for the crust. THEN handed it to hubby and ran out the door to *walk*.
No more pies mother. I know you are reading this :)
Haha, It was delicious, though. Ah the flaky chocolatey ...melt in your mouth...oh this is a weight loss blog you say? Sorry. I believe in Everything in Moderation :)
So..if Chocolate pie is hand delivered to me at my front door...once in a blue moon...I will have a piece :)
So, when i got home I threw my teryaki salmon on the george forman and grilled that puppy up with some brown rice (added brummel & brown) and broccoli.
276 calories
And now...despite my *pie* episode I am still wanting a snack. SO I just had one small 35 calorie pack of Lemonhead things and 2 hershey kisses.
And I still have some calories left but I am probably not going to eat another THING.  Unless maybe popcorn. But even then, not much.
Well I am a tired girl, Hubbys watching Monday night football and I might read some or watch a movie in the bedroom. I hope you all have a lovely night and a terriffic tuesday!! :)


  1. Ok, seriously...who could have resisted that pie? It looks so good! You still stayed under your calories so you are fine.


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