Friday, October 12, 2012

Freaky Friday

The day STARTED off great...and ended ok too...just the car accident in the middle was NOT FUN at all. Seriously I am like an accident magnet. I dont know what it is. I pull into a lane of traffic and next thing I know a car is smashing into the side of me. Ugh. I seriously do not even want to talk about it it just gets me upset! But I am ok and the car is ok, thank the good Lord!

So...lets get back to the great beginning of the day! I woke up and had a great weigh in!! I am now down like 23 lbs!!! I am super stoked about this.  It totally motivated me today to keep eating great.
Breakfast was another "creative" one this morning. LOL.

301 calories
2 pieces of Nature's Own Whole Wheat bread with about 1 TBSP of reduced fat peanut butter divided between the two pieces.  A hard boiled egg and a quite attractive looking banana :)
Kept me full thankfully. I had to scarf my lunch in the car due to the accident there was no picture. Sorry. 
It was a Cajun fillet chicken sandwich from Bojangles with no mayo-235 calories.
Bojangles green beans-35 cals.
Bojangles potatoes (with NO GRAVY but they PUT IT ON THERE ANYWAY)-150 cals and I only ate half of one individual serving.
And Im pretty sure my tea was sweet. Even though I said unsweet. But I was in crisis mode so I didnt care too much. But I didn't drink a lot either. Maybe 10 sips if that.
Then finally it was Date Night with the sweetest guy in the world :)
And we went to my fave place eva-Cracker Barrell.
838 calories
Ok, so let me explain.  I get the grilled chicken tenderloins (6 of them on a plate) and it comes with three sides. Well I wanted the brown rice, one of my faves and green beans. So I also got the fried apples because I wanted something sweet. I only ate about 2/3's of them and gave the rest to the hubby.  Everything else I devoured along with 1.5 biscuits.  So that is where the 838 comes from.  I also had one SMALL bite of hubs macaroni and cheese. Not counting that and I had like 2 tbsp of ketchup. Yep, not in the mood to count ketchup today either.  And a diet coke. 
At the register I got a pack of chicklets (gum) anyone remember those? Love em.  And hubby got a buckeye.  I took a small bite and looked up the calories on myfitnesspal.  Only 90 cals for one, not too bad, not too good. Depends on how bad you want chocolate. LOL. 
So later we stopped by Old Navy and I discovered a medium pea coat fits me but wont button, which despite that, I am still happy about :) I got one shirt on sale for 3.99 that I can wear to work and hubs got a pair of jeans on sale. 
Then we spent way too long at wally world buying gun cleaning stuff and laundry detergent.
I love low-key nights with my man. What did ya'll get into tonight? Wild and crazy like me?  :) See ya tommorow.


  1. I am so sorry that you had an accident! Glad you are ok!!! How is the car and was the other person a jerk about it? (((hugs)))

  2. I am so glad you are okay! I love the happy night you had with the hubs. Great post!

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