Tuesday, October 30, 2012

New Foods, Old Favorites & 80's inspired Kickboxing!

Happy Halloween Eve! Haha. 

Halloween is no fun for me anymore!! I dont have kids and I dont live in a neighborhood so the coolest it gets is parties I guess.

But it makes me sad!

I want to see cute costumes and hear my doorbell ring 50 times in one night!!

Oh well. 

Today was great reguardless!

This morning it was super cold. 

Funny story-My alarm clock goes off around 6:15 am, however sometime between last night and this morning I have mentally decided not to do any treadmill because of kickboxing that afternoon.  So I hit it a million times and I think it continues to go off every 15 minutes.

Well I smacked it wrong and messed it up, and totally didnt care and went back to sleep.

Woke up at 8:19 am and had to be at work at 9!! EEK!!

So needless to say I was grabbing randomness hoping I could have a healthy day! Planned or unplanned!

265 calories
I did have time to make my oatmeal! YUM. Blueberries & Coach's Oats.
Then I got kinda hungry around 11:30 so I had a snack! Easy peasy egg salad with a half cheese stick.
Egg-70 cals Dijonaise-5 cals 1/2 cheese stick-30 cals
It filled me up and I didnt eat until about 2:30!
390 calories
I had this beauty for lunch!! It was very good, although it did have 18 g fat!!!! Yikes!! But its organic, so thats good and it was tasty and filling!!
120 calories
I also had a side salad from McDonalds with the southwest creamy dressing! I am addicted to this stuff!!!
And a diet coke. 
Then later on I ate the rest of my cheese stick ;) 30 more cals
I was so excited for kickboxing tonight!! I had talked to my teacher on facebook who had mentioned us all dressing up and I said we should wear side pony tails and leg warmers!!
So we did!!
Well I dont have any leg warmers, but the side pony I did do!!
A ton of us looked so cute and some girls wore cat ears on their heads to be festive! My teacher was the cutest thing EVER! I wish I had taken a pic of her, totally 80's!!!
We had a great sweaty hour!
Then at home we heated up my father in laws famous spaghetti sauce and I cooked some ronzoni healthy noodles & garlic bread.
640 calories
I ate mine on a salad plate so it would make me think I had more than I did! LOL
I had to estimate 260 calories on the FIL's sauce because I had no idea how many calories was in it! 
I also ate 1.5 of those garlic bread things.  They are put out by walmart and really good!!
If you are friends with me on facebook then you know I was seriously craving some hot chocolate today!!
70 calories for the hot chocolate
I burned so many calories in kickboxing I didnt even care to measure the couple marshmallows I put on top. 
But my sweet mom brought me some hot chocolate to kickboxing! So I definetly got my fix :)
Well tommorow is Haller-ween!!!
We will probably sit at home and watch some spooky movies & I might grab dinner somewhere.  I dont know yet.  I have hubby a little treat cup with candy in it and a few left over pieces for me :)
So that means I have to hit the gym in the morning for more bonding time with the treadmill!!
What are yalls plans for Halloween, do you celebrate at all? 
I miss dressing up and getting loads of CANDY!!!


  1. Yes I agree about Halloween. I have two girls but they are 14 & 16 now so no more of the dressing up and trick or treating. I am trying so hard to be good today and not nose dive in the candy bowl!

    Did you have the low calorie hot choclate you were talking about? I have to look into the packets. I don't like coffee so I don't have a machine but I'm sure there are some better options at Wal-mart than at Starbucks.

    Have a great day!

    1. Awe Sheila you do not look old enough to have two teenagers!! But that is awesome, I know girls are so much fun!! YEs be good today!! We can do this!! I am trying too LOL!! I had the hot chocolate k cup for 70 calories but I am thinking of going to walmart today to get the diet swiss miss to keep at work and its only 25 calories!!! :) Have a good one girl!!!

    2. Ok, let me know if you do. I'm wondering how it tastes.

  2. Heading out for trick or treating briefly with the youngest. Hubby will take oldest the rest of the way, while I pass out candy. I buy stuff I wouldn't want, so no temptation. This year - mini tootsie pops :)

    1. That is smart susan!! I should have thought to get some suckers they are pretty low cal too!!! Have fun trick or treating!!!

  3. Sweet Dollywood mug!

    I'm hoping I will maybe go to the YMCA tonight. Maybe the parents will be out with their kids and I will be able to tell who the single, childless men are??? Worth a shot I suppose!

    1. Haha thanks!! hey thats a good idea!! LOL

  4. My youngest has decided not to trick or treat, she rather stay home and pass out candy!! Kind of makes me sad!! Hope you have a great night!!

    1. Oh no!! LOL well Im sure yall will have fun reguardless!!! :)

  5. We're waiting for the trick or treaters but we don't usually get too many.
    I do have plans to watch Halloween later it always freaks me out a bit :)
    I got my workout in today and ate great. My plan is not to touch any treats.

  6. I am addicted to McD's Southwest salad dressing too! It is one of my favorite meals AND I know you can thank me for turning you on to it!!!!


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