Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Skrimp & Taters

Sunshine. That's what we saw today. It was awful nice of it to finally show itself :) And yet, it was still cool. Plesant fall weather.  October has time gone? October is almost halfway over! case you are wondering...I DID see a good # on the scale this morning, my lowest yet! So that set the tone for a good day :)

Breakfast was the last waffle (sadness) with about half a TBSP of reduced fat peanut butter and a banana cut up on top, with a boiled egg and coffee with my Cheesecake creamer. Kept me full.

383 calories
And yes I have no idea what I will eat tommorow for breakfast now. However it will probably involve another hard boiled egg, which I DO happen to have on hand :)
Around lunch time I decided to go to walmart because the way I was raised, I just couldnt possibly eat a sweet potato without butter and marshmallows on top :) Plus I needed soap.
Arent you glad I was thoughtful enough to take a picture? I know this is the most exciting thing you have seen all day :) 
However, those little single serve 90 calorie marshmallow packs are SO PRESH! Only 38 cent and PERFECT to go on your sweet potato!! And I have to have my gum ya'll. It keeps theese teeth away from food when Im not really hungry.
So on to my rockstar it really hit the spot today!! The marshmallows were melty and amazing and I had brought some brown sugar from home, and then I purchased a spray butter to keep at work.  I hate spending calories on butter.
484 cals
Oh yeah...I also had a lean pocket (chicken, spinach & artichoke) and some strawberries.
I was seriously so tired today I could have laid on the floor and went to sleep at work. I think getting more sleep makes me sleepier in the day. Ok... sooo then we all know around 3:30 I had to have my....duh duh duhhhh...PUMPKIN FLUFF. Go make this now. Please.
56 calories
Then a bit later I had a little snack that I am going to share with you now. Now now lets all calm down...I will be glad to share the recipe. It's highly complicated though, beware.
1.You will need an apple.
2. Sugar free jello mix. Any flavor, preferably red.
3. Cut up said apple and sprinkle the mix over it.
4. Close your eyes and imagine you are eating a candy apple :)
5. Its seriously very good...try it!!!
65 calories
So it was finally time to leave and go home.  I changed clothes and took a walk with my precious and beautiful Mom, we had a nice little chat today in the perfect weather, crunching on leaves on sidewalks, passing by pumpkins and cute yard flags :)  I love fall.
Then I came home and my hubs said I had just missed my awesome Aunt Delanda!! I had cat sitted for her the other week while she took an EXTREEMLY long vacation to the outer banks where she stayed in something comperable to a mansion. (haha she reads this, Iam jk with her:) And she always brings me back something pink and fabulous!! This time she did not dissapoint! Check out my loot!
I love it all!! Especially the earrings, coffee mug and pink shirt!!! Love!! She knows me so well :) Thanks Dan Dan!!
Anyways, then I slaved over a hot stove to make popcorn shrimp all the while randomly yelling out answers to jeopardy. We had popcorn shrimp, green beans and brown rice. Yummm.
440 calories
And that red stuff is cocktail sauce.
I am going to try to have a post comming up this weekend on how I meal plan and then also I am going to try to do a Healthy Doritos Caserole recipe post next week for Stacey! So stay tuned and I hope you all have a lovely night :)


  1. Yanno, I actually have a Doritos Chicken Casserole that I used to make when I was on WW before. However, that was back when they had "light" Doritos, which were way better than the baked ones of this generation. LOL You may be referring to the other Stacey, though, since mine is spelled differently. Or maybe you just misspelled. LOL Yummy looking day. :)

    1. You know I could never misspell YOUR name woman hahahah!! Thats actually for my youtube buddy stacey hehe!! But that chicken caserole sounds good!! This one has ground beef and its SO good!!! Hubs gobbles it up! LOL

  2. I am going to have to try those waffles with the peanut butter and banana!! It looks so good. Thank you so much for posting the calories under the pics. They always look so good I can't believe how low calorie they are. I'm looking forward to the meal planning post. Congrats on the low number today!

    1. You are so welcome Sheila! Thank you for reading & commenting, it means so much!! You should definetly try the waffles/pb/banana!! I am out of them and I miss them!! LOL

  3. I love reading your blog, you have great ideas for snacks and meals. I am looking forward to your post on meal prep :)

    1. Thank you for the sweet words Megan! I am looking foward to writting that post for you all...its only me and the hubs so it isnt too complicated but i do have a system none the less! lol :)

  4. I LOVE the candy apple idea! I got the strawberry flavor and if you are having a sweets attack, it works pretty well at fixing it. It is really yummy!


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